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Tube Talk: The Leftovers: Two Boats and a Helicopter

The Leftovers - Episode 1.03 - Two Boats and a Helicopter - Promotional Photo

Reverend Matt gets the spotlight on him on the latest offering of the HBO series on Tube Talk!


The Leftovers: Season 1: Episode 3: Two Boats and a Helicopter: GRADE: A

Well here we are at what is so far The Leftovers’ strongest hour yet with a heavy focus on the 9th Doctor himself, Christopher Eccleston. I did indeed like many first notice him via Doctor Who’s revival back in 2005, he himself being an excellent Doctor, and with what little we’ve seen of him so far on the show, I’ve been captivated.

A reverend left behind in the Sudden Departure trying to deal with the fact he’s not one of God’s chosen to go. Well as we discover as well, caring for a wife, gravely injured, both physically and mentally, and still running his church to the best of his ability while showing people that were taken, some of them weren’t worthy of acceptance. He’s rustled quite the few feathers as you can tell.

We get an answer to his connection to Nora, brother and sister, as he goes to visit to get about $135,000 to be able to keep his church, all while being the later stalking victim of the Guilty Remnant. Ah yes, those “cheery” folks. Well they’re actually a huge part but we’ll get to that.

Eccleston as stated is the min focus here and it works perfectly. This is one his best performances I’ve seen in a while, and helps make up for how underwhelming he was in Thor: The Dark World. He’s just a guy desperate for the answers he feels aren’t being answered for now going on three years. Why did some awful people selected over one of the people spreading the Lord’s word and wisdom? Its a wonderful idea to follow and Eccleston plays it fantastically, and yes that was intentional.


He’s bringing a sense of desperation in not only seeking answers, but to do right by God even in a tiring time to still hold on hope he himself will be selected. He runs a gambit of emotions here and its great.

His biggest problem however is money, not just to buy back the church, but to pay the woman caring for his immobile wife so a trip to the casino pays off at a table where pigeons, pigeons who seem to follow him where he goes. Raising more than enough but also fending off a mugger in the parking lot, but the Guilty Remnant come back into the picture when Matt witnesses rocks being thrown at them and gets one to the face for his help and wakes up, well beyond the deadline to save the church to is new owners, The Guilty Remnant!

Yeah honestly kinda did and didn’t see it, I mean I just thought they wanted him in the GR but they want the church, adding more to their aura of mystery. I mean but stalking him to get the church makes sense to expand their own operations, get the word out more about whatever the hell they do.

Only other characters are Kevin, Laurie, and Mary, but they do fine jobs, some is explored more about Matt and Kevin Sr.’s connection, Kevin Sr. left Matt behind the $20,000 he turned into the $160,000, and that’s interesting to see.


The Leftovers chance of focusing on a centralized focus set on character is broad for them this early in the game but with an actor like Eccleston, incredible direction like this episode shows off, amazing cinematography, and a sense of where to go from here, I hope at least they know where to go from here, The Leftovers is proving to be great television.


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