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Batman Eternal #15

Stories keep intersecting and Batwoman gets into the swing of things as we go back to Batwing and The Spectre in Batman Eternal #15.


Batman Eternal #15
Written by Ray Fawkes; Drawn by Dustin Nguyen

So hey how many damn weeks has it been since we last saw Batwing or the Spectre in their buddy cop routine? Quite a few weeks where hey they suddenly fit into the story here again with their investigation into Arkham Asylum where…wait this is actually the bulk of the issue here, let’s get the small stuff done first shall we?


  • Harper and Red Robin have a conversation about boundaries and how Harper will more than likely (not) stay put when Red Robin go to talk to Sergei about the nanobots in her brother which there’s all to that, to be continued in a later issue.
  • Batman and Bard seem to come to a mutual respect for each other at least for now despite recent events.
  • Batgirl and Red Hood go to find the plastic surgeon they’re searching for and find Batwoman already rearranging his face in order for information since followers of the Crime Bible have led her to him.
  • Jack also wondered why Locke…

Wait, wrong long overarching story, by mad, but all that happened and I think its awesome Batwoman is finally in here, but I am a massive fan of the character so yay for that! and I like how the Crime Bible is mentioned as a ways to tie back into the first notable adventure of hers, the excellent Elegy, which if you haven’t read it, what’s wrong with you?

Other stuff is fine but again its Batwing and Spectre that get the focus here and man they are excellent together. I love their chemistry together and they make a really good detective team. Batwing is one the better books, again I’m reading in trades, and man I LOOOOOOOOOOVE The Spectre, and glad to see he hasn’t been too New 52’d as many fans would say. He’s more or less the Spectre and I’ll say its one the better things I seen Ray Fawkes do in recent time. He really gets creepiness of this side of the story and sets an atmosphere and tone perfectly with the help of Dustin Nguyen’s brilliant pencils. They are a perfect fit together.

They get deeper into the mystery and what’s going on with Scarecrow, he’s being hung up by magic, and the reveal that the man behind it all is Mister Bygone as Batwing get dragged down below the place to find Joker’s Daughter, in an extremely creepy close-up, and things will certainly only get worse from here.

This issue works, especially if you’re a horror fan, so damn well. You’re gonna love this, and some nice little cameos here and there keep those looking for easter eggs happy, but overall, its a good chapter in this long story. I recommend it.



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