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Tube Talk: Tyrant: Sins of the Father


Barry and Jamal deal with actions taken twenty years ago by their father in this week’s Tyrant here on Tube Talk!


Tyrant: Season 1: Episode 4: Sins of the Father: GRADE: B

Holy shit people, Tyrant pulled off a good episode, an honest to Odin good episode! Well its good, but still far from improvement on the series as a whole.

The episode gets off to a good start with a flashback of young Barry coming back to his dorm room to see it disgraced and cover in graffiti and newspapers with insulting remarks over a chemical attack Barry’s father had ordered back home resulting in the death of 20,000 people intercut with Barry flashbacking on a morning jog set to Tears for Fears.

Its a great use of editing for the show and a well paced and done sequence that helps set up the plot for the episode where its the 20th anniversary of that situation, where in the same location of the attack, a man part of the Ihab Rashid regime against Jamal, douses himself in gas and burns himself there.

This is our main conflict with Barry suggesting Jamal go to the location in an attempt to apologize for their father’s actions from two decades ago to get under people’s good graces. Tariq of course thinks that’s stupid, cause mean military is mean, one thing that hasn’t changes, this show trying so hard to crowbar in a message.

Of course shit doesn’t go well with protests and they are bombarded and forced out and as Jamal wants to show who’s boss, a conversation between him and John Tucker (Justin Kirk), the U.S. diplomat to Abbudin, in a really good scene that actually uses Justin Kirk to his ability convinces him otherwise AKA vague threats. His talent is put to use and that’s fantastic!

Barry even uses Gaddafi’s death to get through to Jamal saying, “I’m not saying don’t use violence because it’s wrong, I’m saying don’t use violence because it doesn’t work!” That’s a line that’s actually effective and useful for the characters.

The conflict of this is tied into Fauzi trying to get his daughter out of Ihab’s movement due to the burning protest at the beginning and how they’re both at risk, it was really good. The acting there is just as compelling with Fauzi still being an interesting spark of a good idea for the show. Fauzi later meets Barry for catch up and that too is a good scene.


Its the fourth episode and well yeah the show seems to be getting over its own problems, minus the message telling and how pointless the children are, but Rayner has come into his own as Barry, the episode shows it, and Barhom as Jamal. The cast seems to settling into their performances by now and have a good sense of where they wanna go.

Another factor as to the episode’s success is how outside the family, we get to see more of out setting of Abbudin. A sense of what’s really going on and the conflict that the Ihab regime represents. Its a real breath of fresh air to see the show step outside its comfort zone again and remember how it can take its premise and make it work and keep viewers engaged.

Jamal himself has a eh subplot of trying to get his dick working again via sex and porn, there wasn’t much there as again, but you know its more interesting than Sammy being blown off after getting blown and Ahmed being blue-balled right now. Emma once again, has nothing to do but sneer. Why isn’t she written off yet?


The less interesting story aspect and subplots do dull the episode at points but when it got good I saw glimpses of how good Tyrant can be when it focuses on its settings and more importantly, its characters and story. Here’s hoping for Tyrant’s future.


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