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Tube Talk: The Leftovers: B.J. and the A.C.


It is time for the holiday season for those leftover and it isn’t exactly a cheery time as we dive into B.J. and the A.C. here on Tube Talk!


The Leftovers: Season 1: Episode 4: B.J. and the A.C.: GRADE: B

Christmas time for those that were left behind here and man its not off to a good start, SOMEONE KIDNAPPED BABY JESUS! OH FUCK OH GOD RUN FOR THE GODDAMN HILLS!

Yeah the baby Jesus is stolen from the manger and an extensive manhunt is put…its Jill. Jill and the crew steal the baby doll where testicles are placed upon its head, doused in beer, and nearly given a Viking funeral. This to me was the best thing about the episode given it continues Jill’s slow descend into this…how do I describe it its not a quarter life crisis given she’s in high school, teenage life crisis? Well shit almost anything to a teenager is a life crisis really. But this one is legit.

Jill really is just finding difficulty in dealing with everything and as I notice, becoming a lot more like Aimee, while Aimee, while still being Aimee and looking for trouble, is a little bit becoming like Jill, and being worried for her a bit as she seems to want to out do Aimee in adventurous fun. Its a nice dynamic they have and normally I find that some shows just don’t know how to writer kids or teenagers, kinda why I stopped watching Glee past season 3 and one of Tyrant’s many faults. Alright outside of Jill and Aimee, I hate the teenagers. Yeah the twins, not interesting, not even as the comedic relief they obviously are. I find them boring.

Though the Garvey family is again the center of attention here with Laurie showing up suddenly to serve Kevin with divorce papers as Megan reads a prepared statement. The clincher of depression there for them is Jill’s gift for Laurie, a lighter that says “Don’t forget me”, which she promptly throws away but goes back for at episode’s end.


The Laurie stuff is also a great highlight as she can breathe life into any scene she is in with her amazing body language and facial expression acting, its really great here. So Tommy gets more a focus here and we learn of Christine’s great importance to Wayne. She’s carrying his child. Yeah hug the pain away guru has knocked up a teenager. Wayne and Tommy subplot this time around didn’t engage me. Chris Zylka as Tommy is good but I don’t care for Christine, I think Annie Q. isn’t that good here in the role. She doesn’t have that much screen, and or her to play a big part, that sucks, big time.

The Guilty Remnant, big part here, they plan to do something at the town Christmas dance, those even still really happen? Anyway they show up, arrested, turns out, DIVERSION! Yeah they break into homes all over towns and steal pictures from frames to leave them empty, to show what they are inside, also highlighted by handing Tommy a pamphlet of the same thing, nothing. Yeah the GR are interesting, yet frustrating at the same time here as I would like some answers to them and yet they are an interesting offset to life going on in the town.


Well the divorce scene and Jill’s story was a highlight in what so far, not the best offering The Leftovers have had, but it still one of TV’s best shows right now and has some intrigue to it still where I want to see things go on. All there is to do now is to see what they got for St. Patrick’s Day!


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