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Tube Talk: Masters of Sex: Kyrie Eleison


Bill begins his new job while Virginia is put between a rock and a hard place on the second installment of the second season here on Tube Talk!


Masters of Sex: Season 2: Episode 2: Kyrie Eleison: GRADE: B+

Change is a huge thing here for the premiere follow up. Mostly for Bill. New hospital, a new nanny (Keke Palmer), and a new boss. One that doesn’t is how stubborn Betty DiMello is as she will sit in the receptionist area as she will receive her “fertility” treatments since her husband, the pretzel king wait none the wiser. This puts Bill in a difficult situation, not to mention trying to convince his first patient at Memorial is a young girl showing complications from her second abortion. Her parents being very important hospital donors and of course the time the show is it, tubes tied to them is the only option.

This part of the episode is what Michael Sheen works most with and his scenes here are excellent, even with the new assistant (Betsy Brandt of Breaking Bad) and trying to get her out and sneak Virginia in that way and bring her back on, but of course he butts heads with Greathouse. Danny Huston does a fine job here, I’ve always liked him, even in the disappointed AHS: Coven. He’ more than interested in it, but it seems more so for just the sex. Same seems to go for Dr. Ditmer (Evan Arnold) as when he goes into the research with Virginia, he gets too excited. Premature ejaculation! Was that too subtle?

Bill just is finding things difficult to get going even when he discovers about Barton’s suicide attempt from his daughter. That feels like the last string unraveling him, but at the same time, to hear this of the man who went to the mat for him, he’s got to keep going and that is a great motivation for him. He knows his work is important and will bring it front and center to the world.

Bill is the episode highlight, but the parts with Libby and the new nanny, who is a fine character in her own right, just slow things down a bit much for me and I wasn’t as fully invested there.


What is interesting is Virginia and Lillian in a power play as she gets  Lillian to agree to film a PSA about pap smears but then drags Lillian to her doctor and her worst fears are realized, Lillian’s cancer has metastasized and its now terminal. Uncovering this truth just proves the fact that you always need the right option and time to find the truth out. Also, gives Virginia a hell of a lesson in learning to mind in her own business. Thinking we know better than people at ho to fix their lives, is that you never really understand what’s going on inside their head, such as the case here.

Virginia means well but clearly Lillian wants this to be dealt with by herself.

Elsewhere for the episode, we got Austin enjoying his new bachelor life and that’s about five minutes of that plot. Yeah nothing there.


This is still a solid installment in the fine Showtime series as its sophomore year is off to a good start with character arcs and roles set. Its keep its charm from the first season going and that’s important here. The show hasn’t missed a beat at all.


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