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Batman Eternal #16

Things get freakier as Batwing and Spectre keep investigating Arkham in Batman Eternal #16!


Batman Eternal #16
Written by Ray Fawkes; Drawn by Dustin Nguyen

Ray Fawkes and Dustin Nguyen continue their haunting take of events in the weekly series and have a pretty damn good follow up that sheds some light on the Arkham Asylum going ons. ts kinda hard to review that when little changes cause this is a weekly series people and consistency can hurt it if things aren’t changing up at least a little bit, but things to change. Spectre does take care of Bygone cause shit he ain’t got nothing here but to be a setup villain before we get a great reveal that someone is trying to release Deacon Blackfire’s soul from hell and that they already have a vessel in mind, Maxie Zeus.

Yes that Maxie Zeus making his New 52 debut here as he was first shown here as muscle for Joker’s Daughter, who while living in the catacombs of Arkham, has abilities, such as sound EXACTLY like Batwing to throw Batman off the trail of Arkham. That’s interesting while close-ups on Joker’s Daughter is straight up terrifying!

Batman is here though, he briefly appears to help set up a scene between Bard and Vicki Vale where she asks whenever he’s not locking up Falcone’s men. Nothing much is made of that besides they possibly might hook up and while in Toyko, Red Robin and Harper Row get attacked by Sergei’s robot tentacles as part of a test and that they can talk after more tests.

So yeah again the sppoky Arkham storyline, which feels oddly disjointed right now if I may be honest, is once again the main focus and while development was made, it felt like it was stuck in neutral this week. Fawkes still writers a creepy, atmospheric scripts and Nguyen’s pens are atill among the best in the industry. Just slightly disappoint but still a good read.



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