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Tube Talk: Tyrant: Hail Mary

Tyrant - Episode 1.05 - Hail Mary - Promotional Photo

Tyrant continues to improve itself this week by taking out one element that doesn’t work at all and instead focusing on one that does. My Hail Mary has been answered!


Tyrant: Season 1: Episode 5: Hail Mary: GRADE: B+

Tyrant slowly begins to build into a show of good quality show and tonight’s episode offers its best episode yet I think for one reason. NO ANNOYING KIDS WHO WASTE SCREEN TIME!

Yes Sammy and Emma are nowhere to be seen this week and I couldn’t be happier about this given how they ultimately don’t do anything really and just waste a lot of time. More of that please? Like slowly write them out?

Well we have a continued conflict from last week with the anniversary of the gas attack and Barry this week thinks on the idea of going to visit Ihab’s father, Sheik (Mohammad Bakri), like Barry’s dad before. Except he said fuck all that noise and did it anyway so you can see how the other side might be less than ideal about this, but that is what happens and man this scene is what Tyrant should be all about.

The scenes between Barry and Sheik are great and full of great character drama and conflict and fantastic acting, sure mostly from Bakri, but hey Rayner gets to actually go an octave in an earlier scene.

Their talk really gets to what I have expected out of Tyrant from the moment I heard of it as a deep and investing character drama and storytelling, not side stories that waste time and talent and trying to drive in a heavy handed message, but the art and form of storytelling. The talk does have a great conclusion with Sheik calming the riots in the square, but also publicly demanding a talk with Jamal, which throws a wrench in his plans. That is great drama and what I hope the show can keep a focus on.

Tyrant - Episode 1.05 - Hail Mary - Promotional Photos (12)_595_slogo

There’s a subplot within that of Tariq and Lelia trying to sway Jamal against Barry and go ahead with his plan of taking action against the protesters, which of course goes tits up but that too was engaging with character drama going on and staying really investing. Speaking of Jamal, he’s back to being psycho when Nusrat goes to her parents about his raping her on her wedding night, her family wants a downplayed divorce and considering almost everything her family has is because of the Al Fayeed’s. How psycho is he? Lifts Nusrat’s father up on a shooting target hook and shoots at him.

Say what you will about Jamal and I can, at least he has a presence on screen.

Another subplot of the new maid for Barry’s family trying to steal painkillers cause he got hurt in the riot last week, nothing really is interesting there. That kinda kills the momentum that was being built up and well delivered from Barry and Sheik’s conversation at Sheik’s compound.

Tyrant - Episode 1.05 - Hail Mary - Promotional Photos (2)_595_slogo

The Ihab plot is slowly gaining traction with me as it does give conflict for our main family and can set the stage for the rest of the season’s events cause the characters are a whole, hell a majority of a unit yet aren’t fully strong to help carry the show, but they are getting there.

The script is tight and well woven and paced with well the best camera direction work since that of the pilot. Its really good stuff here that kept me engaged and wanting to see what would happen next, made me invested in the story if you will.

Tyrant seems to be over its slump right now, but we have eight episodes left to go through this season, so its chances of shitting the bed are slim. Let’s hope they can keep their cheeks clinched for that long.


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