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Tube Talk: The Leftovers: Gladys


This week we find out all about Gladys and where she has that $50 she owes me in the latest episode of The Leftovers here on Tube Talk!


The Leftovers: Season 1: Episode 5: Gladys: GRADE: A-

We stay in Mapleton this week as the now named bespectacled GR member Gladys (Marceline Hugot) is taken by members of the community, tied up to a tree, and stoned to death. Well we have our first true biblical punishment brought over here. This is of course retaliation of the GR breaking into people’s home on Christmas and stealing family pictures.

This was honestly a harsh scene to see, the brutality of it and just the blood flowing out from her head was just, ugh man. Hugot has been a presence on the show since the start with her vacant stare, chain smoking, and ability to convey dialogue without speaking, though she does speak her first words here, begging for her attackers to stop, which they don’t. They’ve been pushed far enough by the GR, telling them there is nothing and no family at all, the stalking and what have you. It was only a matter a time.

Well KEvin tries a curfew in their best interest which gets voted down so he hands them whistles in which to give out alerts to officers in case they are in harm. Which Laurie uses it against Matt, who of course was a suspect but was cleared, when he asks the GR to help remember Gladys.


That scene was powerful given what has happened to Laurie in the episode where she suffers a panic attack having been the one who found her body. She’s given a chance to speak to Patti on a day off they take together but still she remains silent. Driven to the belief of the GR. It is great to see Patti utter more than a couple words since the pilot and Ann Dowd does well with the time she’s given to talk. I’m lukewarm on the GR stuff as, well they provide conflict, but I am feeling like we should be getting some answers with them in terms of their formation and what their endgame really is beyond making people feel like shit.

Though progression on their part as Liv Tyler’s Meg fully joins in the group here.

Kevin’s dealings are eh here, he mostly just does the investigation but his personal stuff and dealing with booze and Dean, the mysterious man he shot dogs with at the pilot’s end identity finally revealed, as they seem to take a backseat to all the things with the GR which I think as good given I wasn’t as invested this week with hims dealing with trying to get his white shirts back from the dry cleaner.

But hey the Wayne stuff, not at all here nor is much on Jill’s storyline but I didn’t mind it so much in order for the events of the story here.


The Leftovers have left many people split, I’m still personally enjoying it, but I get why people have abandoned it already. For me, that hinders on how this season goes and wraps up storylines. This episode is a bounce back from last week and I think may provide a strong ongoing tone for the rest of the season.


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