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Tube Talk: Masters of Sex: Fight

Masters of Sex - Episode 2.03 - Fight - Promotional Photo

Time for a bedroom rumble here on Masters of Sex! Place your bets now before the review starts!


Masters of Sex: Season 2: Episode 3: Fight: GRADE: A

Master of Sex’s finest hour is one the best pieces of television this year so far. What we have here is a bottle episode and its mostly focused on Bill and Virginia in their hotel room, as well as a boxing match on the TV that helps act as a framing device for the episode for their fight, but its more emotional. Virginia truly sees this as an affair while Bill just sees all this just as a continuation of the study, just minus the wires and all.

But something else creates conflict and that’s the birth of the Bombeck baby that Will delivers at the episode’s start born with ambiguous sex organs, meaning both of them, and when the father demands he cut it off, it stirs old fillings of Bill’s childhood trauma. The child’s chromosomes clearly indicate it is indeed a male. But rather have testosterone shots make him unable to perform in bed, daddy dearest decides “rather a tomboy than a sissy.” This and Scully’s insistence of curing his homosexuality honestly puts things in great perspective and how grateful gender roles have changed since then.

But back to Bill, it almost seems like he’s ready to come to blows with the man but he pulls back but the things that daddy Bombeck said, just really gets at his crawl and can’t leave his brain. He acts out by having Virginia against the bathroom wall and from their, the episode gets rolling.

Masters of Sex - Episode 2.03 - Fight - Promotional Photos (3)_595_slogo

There are historical, emotional, and of course, sexual revelations made from the episode length conversation and much like the fight on the telly, each get a shot in and retreat. Virginia’s own fight is with her husband, how things are going since the kids are with him. They both struggle with each other, but struggle with their own lives. It only adds to the great script from episode scriber Amy Lippman.

Bill even goes into how he took up boxing himself at school after he shows a great knowledge of it to Virginia before going into their own boxing match where her bracelet gets caught in his hair. He reveals that his father used to beat him, badly. He then asks her to tell him how she wants him to make her feel could, but she lands a blow to Bill and says she knows how to make herself feel good and masturbates right there in front of Bill.

This was a night and talk much needed for our main characters. The decision for the castration is just painful and leaves Bill begging them to stop it, just as we realize he never begged his father to stop because he wouldn’t admit defeat, but here he’s fighting for the future of someone else, but its far too late. He’s knocked out and must go back to the corner to rest up. It brings up an interesting comparison to a discussion of roles of fairies and princes among the genders between Virginia and her daughter.

Masters of Sex - Episode 2.03 - Fight - Promotional Photos (12)_595_slogo

You just gotta keep fighting and that’s what Bill and Virginia keep doing. They will keep fighting and go on with this but their personal fights, well that’s the next big Vegas headline for PPV. Masters of Sex, keep on fighting to be among television’s best.


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