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Batman Eternal #17

Things continue to get creepier in Batman Eternal’s seventeenth issue. Let’s take a look below!


Batman Eternal #17
Written by Ray Fawkes: Drawn by Dustin Nguyen

Well we’re once again focused on Arkham with Batwing and Spectre and their adventures but first, Red Robin and Harper Row investigate Sergei in Toyko and discover he isn’t the one sending the nanobots in, though Red Robin ain’t buying that shit so they’re gonna bring him to Gotham. That’s about as much of that storyline thread.

We get flashbacks to Deacon Blackfire before he was a spirit tying to fuse itself with Maxie Zeus as a true deacon and swaying people to his ways and even had Batman chained up and tried to get his followers to attack but thanks to strong willpower and mindgames, gets his followers against him who beat him to death. As for he is how he is now, well that’s for another time it seems as Fawkes keeps his creepy atmosphere going on with the wonderful art of Nguyen and it feels more or less about the same as the previous two issues but I don’t mind it now as its a good way to at least get some parts moving while staying in a centralized location. Keeps things from being too chaotic and all over the place, though I am wondering how much longer this can last before it gets stale.

We end with our heroes being swarmed by Blackfire, successfully merged with Maxie, Joker’s Daughter and the disembodied voice whispering to her, and all the other creepy shit with them under Gotham.

A few action moments are nicely broken up by Luke’s best friend and roomie, Rory, but I’m ready for a little more from this book now other than this aspect, which I’m loving, but wanna get some deeper progression.



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