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Tube Talk: Tyrant: What the World Needs Now


Peace talks come to Abbudin as Jamal meets with the Sheik to settle differences in Tyrant’s latest chapter.


Tyrant: Season 1: Episode 6: What the World Needs Now: GRADE: A

Tyrant really continues its upswing in quality. I know I should stop mentioning that now but I think it is worth noting given how fast this show fell on its face.

This week was truly about the characters and story here. The peace talks are going down and every thing is strategized from Barry and company but the Sheik lands a first round knockout punch by saying he only wants one thing, open elections in Abbudin.


Yes, Sheik come in, pull his dick out, and slap Jamal right across the face. This is unexpected, just as much as Barry’s plan to have Jamal agree as it’ll take at least a long time to change the constitution and it’d be only a year and a half until the election happens, guaranteeing Jamal stays in power for now but a strategy to make the people fall in love with him and keep the Al Fayeed family in power for just a little longer. This gets around fast and the people are clearly behind the Sheik, but the polls show Jamal still has quite a bit of influence.

So how does he celebrate? Have sex with a pretty white prostitute!

Tyrant - Episode 1.06 - What the World Needs Now - Promotional Photo

Yes Jamal’s penis is working again and boning some randomprostitute who I kinda already have forgotten about, but guys its super important to know his penis works again. Also cause he asks her if he’s a really good guy.

Jamal feels confident at first about the decision, but then once 60 Minutes comes to interview and show him footage from the Sheik’s interview that suggest Barry is Jamal’s tamer, things don’t go so well and man that’s some really good conflict. The chemistry between Rayner and Barhom is excellent, but its even better when they are at odds, which is what they are from the Sheik’s statements in the interview. Their conflicts highlights how good the writing really can be and let the actors flow with the words, but what the Sheik said is true.

Barry has taken Jamal on a much different path than if their uncle did and just make him exactly like their father. Barry is why Jamal still has 33% approval ratings in the polls and why things haven’t gotten worse, but Jamal is slowly but surely gonna crack and of course he does when he finds a way to settle all his problems. Assault the very sick Sheik in the bathroom and smash his face into a toilette.

This was a great ending from an extended episode, which it greatly benefits from, as to have an ending like this to see where it might go because by introducing the Sheik’s sickness where it could be possible murder or he just fell over from one his many coughing fits. Introducing a plot line like this to lead into a mystery for the season, alright not so much a mystery, but still compelling drama, will give the show a must watch aspect to see if Jamal gets caught or how he might get himself out of this one. Its a great testament to how much Tyrant has come around.


Tyrant continues once again to get better than itself week after week now as it reaches the halfway point and yeah it was a rough first half, but now that things are truly set up for the long run of the remaining seven episodes and drama is put in, here’s hoping for a smoother second half. Also the kids were gone again! Please keep that trend up!


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