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Tube Talk: The Leftovers: Guest

The Leftovers - Episode 1.06 - Guest

We invite you to be our guest this week for another character centric episode of The Leftovers!


The Leftovers: Season 1: Episode 6: Guest: GRADE: A

Is it just pure coincidence that the two best episodes of the series thus far are character centers episodes, each that focuses on one the Jamison children? Yes Nora gets the spotlight here like brother Matt did as she gets ready to go to a conference for her job, a new branch of the government that deals with the departure and giving those left behind benefits after she’s able to get a divorce from her husband. That was odd, but there’s a little more odd stuff later on here.

She goes and finds that someone has taken her badge and is impersonating her, leaving her with a guest badge. Following Nora there gave us an interesting look into how the Sudden Departure looks in the most famous city ever with the NYC chapter of the GR handing out false grenades that have a message written on them as well as biblical protesters. It was a nice visual to see but as good as that was, its all about the acting of Carrie Coon her in the role of Nora.

Nora is a third year legacy at the conference and she’s maybe not well liked by some given how she got drunk the previous year and made a woman cry after bringing up a correlation between high sugary kids cereal and the disappearing children. Of course having lost her kids, Nora doesn’t take it well, as well as might’ve been a little drunk.


There’s an interesting detour when she meets up with Marcus and a group he’s with and parties hard with them. The scene has him asking her to go down the rabbit hole. She does. She gets drunk with them, makes out and slightly rides Marcus’ body double, he apparently makes real dolls as it were of loved ones lost for the left behind, then is evicted when Nega Nora wrecks the bar mirror, interrogated, and then vindicated, all so damn quickly. Those events move at such a rapid pace that it is pretty insane.

Nora’s replacement is someone who tries to discredit her as well as the government in its chances to provide relief, and its apparent Nora just didn’t give a shit about that. Nora is feeling disenchanted with life now as it is. She’s a shell of her former self.

Nora’s time in NYC is interesting, and only gets more whee he meets up with veteran character actor Tom Noonan, playing an employ of Holy Wayne. Ah yes the least interesting thing about the whole damn show pops back up suddenly and hugs Nora’s pain away. The pain that she keeps feeling everyday to the point she hires prostitutes and pays them to shoot her in the chest, wearing a bulletproof vest. Yeah this episode opens with a bang.

We end with her agreeing to dinner with Kevin, who shows up to get his divorce finalized as well, and it seems Nora could finally be going on with life.


Music I’m still not a fan of cause its not that good, but again, focusing on one centralized part of the bigger story here seems to really work for the show as this and the Matt centered episodes are the standout highlights of the series as of right now. The Leftovers is still worth watching.


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