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Tube Talk: The Strain: It’s Not For Everyone


Things get a lot creepier on The Strain this week, my review, right now.


The Strain: Season 1: Episode 4: It’s Not For Everyone: GRADE: A-

We get into some full scares this week and more story advancement in what is so far the show’s best episode so far.

The disease is spreading out and we start out from where the previous episode had ended and we get an autopsy of Captain Redfern and man its creepy as hell. The design work and practical effects going into it are incredible. The way they go about it and the discoveries they make work out in a nice, tightly paced scene that takes its time in the slow build up of creepiness that is Eph and team coming to terms with what the hell they are looking at.

Then of course racked with guilt, Jim spills the beans of letting the crate through customs at the airport of which he is given a swift punch by Eph and his phone with the autopsy footage confiscated by Nora.

Elsewhere, we’re primarily focused on Ansel as he slowly but surely begins his full transformation into vampire by killing the family dog and locking himself up in the shed to protect his wife, which I was fascinated by that he’s used his last shred of humanity, to do this. This is the one survivor storyline I’ve been interested in cause it’d make for much better drama than the rockstar and lawyer will. This has some weight to it and love, then the wife just offers up dickhead neighbor as chow the the husband and while a dick move for sure, I found it slightly hilarious that’s her sudden way to deal with this guy. Oh guy pissed about your dog and the press fucking his shit up? He’s hubby food now.


We get a little more look into Eldritch Palmer (Jonathan Hyde) and the organization as they have deeper ties, such as a bigger higher up in the airline that the incident took place on and hiring a very expertise hacker to fuck shit up over New York, for reasons I am slightly forgetting cause it adds a tiny bit of consequence here. Also, man internet talk on this show isn’t that good. It kinda made things sound a tiny bit silly. But what’s really good there is Hyde’s performance which is terrific.

The scene where he expresses disappointment in a lack of a miracle is particularly very good. He’s going in a familiar direction of one that is dying down and wants new life to be given via this huge monster they have, but its being done really goddamn well.

Elsewhere Gus proves to still be the weakest link in the show as his brother offers up a job that’s a sure thing, a sure thing being what landed Gus in jail last time, for $1,000 a stolen car, but they get nixed $200 of it for $800. There was a sliver of something interesting in how he dealt with the landlord of their apartment but nothing much comes of that, even when he returns the clock he stole from Setrakian in the pilot is just there to help get Setrakian introduced here so we can have that awesome moment where he shows up and chops the heads off of the little girl and her dumbass dad. That came out of nowhere and was as cool as it sounds.

The surprise caught me off guard and it was truly a good way to end things for the episode.


The show really keeps the horror going, but sprinkle in some character work, which does itself good this week. I’m seeing the show pick up and think its going somewhere completely different soon, which I’m excited for.


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