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Tube Talk: Masters of Sex: Dirty Jobs


Some jobs aren’t easy but someone has got to do them here on this week’s Masters of Sex.


Masters of Sex: Season 2: Episode 4: Dirty Jobs: GRADE: A-

Trust is a strong word. Its often thrown around the recent addition of the second season. Trust some people believe is only reserved for so few select, but even professional trust seems sacred to so many, that together you bond and work for something great. Though some throw trust around just to get what they want out of people and they really aren’t trustful.

Now I wasn’t expecting a tour de force to follow up last week’s…tour de force, but we still get a very good and solid episode here that is very steeped in its theme of trust.

Bill has trust issues all over. Mostly at work where he can’t seem to trust Dr. Greathouse to get him exactly what he needs. Its been clear Greathouse is only interested in the sex part of the study and not its academical approach. Bill even tries to throw him off a study one night, but he shows up, none the less. Seems fine, but he keeps skirting around the issue of bringing Virginia on to the study when possible, saying its up to the board now. Bill snaps when he’s working with a very attractive younger subject and Greathouse brings along colleagues that treat this as a live show for a stag party.

Bill feels he’s not respected enough now and starts a fight and punches Greathouse, thus getting himself fired. Libby of course finds out the next day as she points out that everything she hears about Bill is from a third person. She feels he doesn’t trust her enough to be really open, just like how she feels he isn’t too open about not liking fatherhood right now. Caitling Fitzgerald gives a great monologue of how Bill’s insistence of the study before family has made her feel like a second fiddle lately and its wonderful to see. Often other great performers get overlooked for the sparkling chemistry of the two leads, but this gives a very good spotlight.

Well hey Libby at least did one good thing because she doesn’t seem to trust her new nanny, Coral when the baby gets lice. She automatically jump to Coral and not thinking its the wife of another doctor from Memorial that asked to hold the child. Well also, she takes this route to feel some power being she feels powerless right now being the mother to a child that hasn’t bonded with her father. She forces Coral to get her hair shampooed and the shampoo scene is pretty damn uncomfortable, but nothing too bad.


Trust seems to follow Virginia about. She and Bill are seen by Austin at the hotel after research one night. He asks about it, but she skirts around it herself saying its continue the research outside of Memorial. He, almost buys it. He talks to Bill later talking about how he failed his own marriage, thinking the ring would scare himself of chasing tail, but he weakness overcame him and tries to make him learn from mistakes. That scene is good, but he of course discusses this with Lillian who feels hurt and really can’t trust Virginia. If she can’t trust Lillian with the truth about her and Bill, she can’t trust her with their own study and hands it over to Georgios Papanikolaou (René Auberjonois). Virginia feels devastated, but has he own inner battle selling the Cal-O-Metricn pills to people, to gain their trust and get them to trust her on the product she’s telling them about.

Truth finally comes out for Betty and Gene as he learns the truth, and while this kinda was the weakest aspect of the episode itself in terms of storytelling, it still had a wonderful scene at the dinner table that leads Betty to see Gene loved her for her, not just as a baby machine but her mistrust in the treatments and their views of how they love each other.

By episode’s end, Bill does find a new hospital that seems will actively welcome Virginia at the Buell Green Hospital, an all African-American staffed hospital, but in 1946 the Hill-Burton Act desegregated health-care facilities but that little “separate but equal facilities in the same area” wouldn’t be struck down until 1963, meaning there is a plausible reason for Bill and Virginia to end up there.


Coming off the high of last week was evident watching this installment of the show and while direction was as solid and the writing as sharp, this lacked the major impact last week had while have impact itself, just not as big. Though can we truly trust anyone? Well here it appears no really can, but putting your trust in someone is sometimes the bravest thing anyone can do. We all want to believe in someone. Why is that so hard?


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