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Batman Eternal #18

The weekly series is finally legal as Batman Eternal takes a different turn this week. The review below!


Batman Eternal #18
Written by Tim Seeley; Drawn by Andy Clarke

We have a break of pace this week, going outside of Gotham and we follow Batman and Bard as they seem to start bond as they investigate a panicked man carrying a girl to the swear and come across the man mauled to death with no sign of the girl that leads them to Killer Croc! Croc making his first appearance to me in a while outside if Batwoman so its good to see him hear. Bard of course stunned by this as anyone whose never met Waylon Jones would be. He has some nice dialogue here courtesy of Tim Seeley and brings up what I’m sure was a Forever Evil tie-in that sounds pretty damn interesting.

There is the “more than just a monster” characterization but the way Seeley writes it is very interesting is and some the best stuff involving Killer Croc in a while. Batman, Bard, and Croc make a very interesting yet odd investigation team as they decide to work together to see what’s down in the sewers since the mauling wasn’t Croc’s doing. Seeley is making something wonderful out of something odd here and its most interesting.

Elsewhere in Blackgate, Falcone and Penguin’s men are being funneled into the system and shit bodies already are dropping around them with Gordon getting a bird’s eye view of it. Nothing much made there for right now but let’s go all the way back to Brazil!

Yes we’re back here and well Batgirl, Batwoman, and Red Hood keep investigating the connection to the incident and find a connection to a sweatshop. So they will go in stealth as supposed of course to Red Hood wanting to redecorate the place with 9mm bullets, is shut down. So they go about it and Batgirl finds a room where she is hypnotized by the man they are after. SURPRISE POWERS!

Yeah that was interesting but hey this was some good stuff, not as good as the detective trio back in Gotham are but its some really good stuff, or maybe I love whenever someone puts Red Hood down.

Andy Clarke’s art is very good here, very nicely done in the facial work and draws a damn good Croc. The design of it is very good and stands out and does some really good action too. Pretty interesting stuff that changed things up.

Batman Eternal keeps on going and we’ll see how long this change of pace goes for what ultimately was a pretty standard issue of the series right now.



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