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Tube Talk: Tyrant: Preventative Medicine


Surprises are abound for the Al Fayeed’s on the latest edition of the now interesting and engaging Tyrant. Take look in the review below.


Tyrant: Season 1: Episode 7: Preventative Medicine: GRADE: A-

Well holy shit Tyrant has just become a surely watchable and throughly engaging show now. These past two episodes have significantly improved what was a very weak show into a strong drama.

But first, the kids are back. Yes Emma and Sammy are back and while their time on screen is short, they are still the worst things of the show as they really have nothing to add at all to this show, but now we get a new minus, Jenna (Wrenn Schmidt) who is a fuck but granted, this is her first appearance. But yet, her personality, yeah ain’t winning me over.

The bad is done, but now its towards the good. The Sheik is still very much alive after last week’s attack thanks to Barry and Molly’s doctor expertise. Peace talks are held off as the Sheik gets the medical attention that he needs and while trying to take his mind off things, Barry’s mom reveals a secret that when peace talks original took place, Tariq was the one who ordered and carried out the attacks and the gassing. This was a real shock and gives Rayner some really good acting highlights as he starts to truly regret the way he acted to his father towards the end of his life. His mind racked with guilt over it and wanting to know more. Like who else knew, which is Yussef.

This is a lot to take on for Barry, after of course Jamal reveals what really happened and asks him to take care of the situation back at the hospital. Today just isn’t the day for Barry.

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 5.13.01 PM

While this goes on, Jamal wants to escape to a heavenly, peaceful place he last visited when 11 with Leila, but they must stay behind for the news of the Sheik if anything happens. Instead he convinces Katerina (Ruth Kearney), prostitute from last week, to go with, but Jamal has a change of heart when Barry does indeed poison the Sheik and tells him. Jamal’s reaction to possibly tying up that loose end? Smother her. Yes, Jamal has another kill for him. This too was kind of a shock itself cause, damn.

But that pales in comparison to how good Rayner plays the scene in which he kills the Sheik. Giving a heartfelt confession, and why he knows in his heart for what he wants to be achieved it must be done. Where there hell was this type of acting from the actor when this show started? I kept asking myself that during the scene but realized that yeah, this is honest character progression and its being done well. The advancement of Barry into this role has been flourishing nicely and has reached full circle right now. He drinks his pain away but calls up Tucker to find out who thinks Jamal wasn’t worthy of running the country at the conference cause he now admits Jamal isn’t fit to be president.

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 5.12.52 PM

While showing minor faults, Tyrant still comes full circle to a show I can’t wait to watch no the next week. Its one the bigger quality shifts in a show I’ve seen in a while and I’m invested to see where it goes towards its endgame.


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