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Tube Talk: Masters of Sex: Giants

Masters of Sex - 205 (1)

Things are changing all around here and the past comes back into play on the latest Masters of Sex.


Masters of Sex: Season 2: Episode 5: Giants: GRADE: B+

What is it that let’s one person hold power over another? How is it one person could just unnerve us or ravel our mind to their will? That’s what’s explored here on Masters of Sex.

Virginia this week seemingly to have power over Bill in their continuation of the study, having Bill strip and start masturbating. She’s dominant in Bill’s desire for her where as Bill has power over her in terms of employment. Having him kneel down to perform oral sex on her continues to show her power over his lust. Even feeling power come down on her when Lillian confronts her on her affair to Bill in a wonderful scene that’s exceptionally well done.

All this happens before the new job at Buell Green begins and things get off not so well with many of Bill’s patients not happy about the new location, one scene in particular where a patient is worried about her nice new car and later on an incident where one of his patients overreact to a black patient sitting to him and a fight goes on which gets Bill coldcocked his patients segregated in the waiting room.

Though things before got off not so good since Bill’s needed exam room and insistence of Virginia’s hiring has ruffled some feathers but an empowering speech from Bill’s new boos Dr. Charles Hendricks (Courtney B. Vance) in which he invokes Martin Luther King Jr. about how Bill is destined to make history. Viriginia is clearly ignited by it but Bill is remaining hopeful about helping the hospital. Throughout the episode Vance is at the top of his game as he always usually seems to be. He’s a wonderful actor and its slightly confusing to see why Hendricks is sabotaging the sex study. During the episode Virginia finds fliers for the study in trashcans, thought to be put there by disapproving delivery men. Why does this?


Power can also come from someone in the past, threatening to up-end all you have now. That is where Betty comes into the story this week as we meet her once mentioned true love, Helen played wonderfully by Sarah Silverman. She works her way in as a medium to Betty’s house while convincing Gene a 93-year-old man died in their living room from choking on a chicken bone. Hey I heard worser ways to get inside a place. Gene finds her so damn fun they set up a double date with Al and Betty tries so hard to keep from going given her past with Helen and having just seemingly patched things up with Gene, who at the start this week is upset about Betty’s lies and they do start considering adaption.

Betty admits she’s in it for the lifestyle Gene offers rather than loving Gene for the man he is and how much he loves her and her scenes with Helen are a highlight, as much as Helen’s Beautiful Betty story form the racetrack. Though since I doubt Betty will ever need to see Bill again since the truth is out, what is there for her and Gene here? I mean they are the lighter side of this show but how long can they really stay on? I think that’ll be answered by how they play into the finale.

Power also follows around Lillian trying to be so self-sufficient but as she learns being discovered passed on a bathroom floor after chemo by a screaming child, we’re all going to need someone at some point. Lillian’s storyline feels like its almost at the end as she wrapped up her week in maternity and thinking of leaving the hospital before they inevitably fire her since the chemo is still effecting her work at the hospital. That scene in the car is also exceptional as the performances from the actress’ are incredible and offering strong portrayals of women in the 1950s among a mostly male dominated job field.

Oh and there’s terribly uninteresting Libby.Her instance to drive a wedge between Robert and Coral after Robert had come by after he was told of the shampooing last episode escalated because of her. Her monologue about it, boring as is the character is honestly. Her power-play is quite lame.


Production value is even more top notch is great lighting and expert camera movements such as the scene with Bill and Virginia in the hotel and in terms of pacing. The show is building on its success in all the right ways possible. Each episode this season so far having a centralized theme to itself and giving great insights to our players involved here. Masters of Sex is the best programming Showtime has to offer, Homeland lost that title after the recent season, and shows its more than capable of standing up to HBO.


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