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Tube Talk: The Leftovers: Solace for Tired Feet


Well damn! This is The Leftovers.


The Leftovers: Season 1: Episode 7: Solace for Tired Feet: GRADE: A-

I think the opening of this episode confirms, if I have kids that wanna do some dumb shit like this, yeah I’m not having kids at all. Also the teenagers themselves, including Jill and Aimee this time for being so annoying and adding nothing. Well that’s a bit of a lie right there.

They all take a challenge to see who can last longest in a refrigerator of a kid who was stuffed in there and disappeared in the Departure. Jill of course goes and sets the new record but the handle breaks off, trapping her inside and her grandfather comes by, seemingly out of his psych hospital and tells her to not mention this to her dad. So the teenagers did do something worthwhile I guess. Now only focus on Jill and Aimee, again please? I don’t care for the twins or that long-haired douche who apparently is leading them in doing dumb shit?

Of course this does get mentioned to Kevin as we find out before, his dad was the chief and began showing erratic signs and even burned down a library. The same library he breaks into and steals a very random, but somehow important issue of National Geographic to give to Kevin as to be able to pass the answers onto him as Kevin is slowly losing his grip on reality yet again with another whacked out dream sequence where he meets up with Dean who’s trapped a dog in a mailbox and a hoard of dead dogs in his truck become GR members. Oh and Kevin somehow takes same dog and saves him.

Yeah things get more tense when Kevin meets his dad and Matt where the passing of the NG takes place and is some fantastic acting on part of everyone involved, mostly Scott Glenn as Kevin’s dad who acts his ass off here.


But one thing is keeping Kevin grounded in reality, Nora who is the current stalking victim of the GR and when they go to her place before she and Kevin can have some afternoon delight, she sprays them off with a hose that I found hilarious. Their scenes are really good and their post sex talk at the episode’s end is quite good itself. I feel as if they will be the true human element of the show. I could be wrong now, we got three episodes left now but hey, wishful thinking. They are mostly stalked by Meg who hilariously to me anyway tries to be the Bugsy for Laurie by going, “She got your man!” Laurie simply doesn’t give a shit. The GR were too busy protesting sympathy for Gladys’ death and…wait what? Why the hell would that be happening?

We don’t get an answer, not so surprisingly. Answers are given with Wayne and it turns out with Christine eight months along, Tom isn’t enjoying this so much anymore and when he drops off money for Wayne to pick up, he sends another lackey who Tom follows and discovers Christine is indeed not a special snowflake, but the latest knocked up Asian teenager carrying his child and suddenly Wayne became interesting.

This changes my stance of how boring and uninteresting that was here and gets even more so with Christine having prematurely given birth at the end of the episode. Though I give the episode some marks thanks to it of course slowing things down at first.


One thing the show excels at is show don’t tell. The time progression happens so fluently here that I feel safe in knowing what is going on at the time. This helped me with my enjoyment of the episode so much that I find it fascinating. That’s what the show still is to me, fascinating. I’m enjoying it but again, I’m hearing negative things about the show and you know, I can’t blame people. For some, it can be frustrating as hell, but for me, I think its fascinating in its character drama which the show is mostly made of so that’s great but also wonderful direction and time progression.


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