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Tube Talk: The Strain: Runaways


This week Eph and crew are dealing with more than cherry bombs. Get it? Cause title? Screw it, here’s my review of the latest chapter of The Strain


The Strain: Season 1: Episode 5: Runaways: GRADE: B+

This week we’re all about character on here. Some good, some uninteresting, and even a trip to the past.

First though, Eph and Setrakian are the new vampire killing duo you’ve been waiting for! Yeah we follow up on them from the last killing of the past episode and we get some background info on how to really destroy them and Setrakian tells Eph a little of his past via flashbacks of his time in a concentration camp, but more on that in a bit.

The chemistry between Corey Stoll and David Bradley have some very good chemistry together and have a good presence on their own as well. Each really get into their characters and give great performances.

But more on Setrakian, his flashbacks to the concentration camp during the Holocaust are excellent. We see how his life was there and of course that Eichorst is there. The idea of vampires having run a concentration camp is intriguing as it would just be a great buffet for them during that troubled time of WWII and the rule of Hitler. The way Setrakian and Eichorst come across each other is great and what happened to Setrakian’s love as well. Yeah you wanna see him killing some Nazi vampires.

I repeat, Filch from Harry Potter killing Nazi vampires. Why aren’t you loving this show?


Eph and Setrakian go and take care of Ansel in what’s a tightly paced scene and very effective on the scare of it, as well as the dude he fed on last week and burn the shed down. Even discovering that Ansel’s wife has killed herself knowing life is fucked. Shit’s getting rough.

Eph tries to take this to his boss, but he won’t have any of this having seen Eph carry out Captain Redfern’s body so now he’s on his own.

Now for character stuff that didn’t work, I’m still not a fan of Gab and Joan as characters cause well they are just vessels to help carry out the virus and make more people vampires. Nothing wrong with that, but they need to be interesting to want to follow as characters and they just aren’t, and their parts of screentime this week, which is a good portion, kinda kills it for me. Nothing about them are really appealing to make us want to follow them. They feel like a waste, even wasting Regina King’s time and talent here.

Nora’s time in the nursing home with mom? Grandma? Aunt? I kinda forgot cause while Nora is interesting, she’s got nothing this week, but Vasiliy gets good stuff coming across a hoard of the vampires in the sewer and once again, the scares come out great here with some classic horror pacing and set up and angle in that scene, but its still effective.

We see how Eldritch is holding up and he’s on his last legs with the latest surgery and its pretty interesting to see that followed up from last week.


Things keep getting better, but take a slight turn this week due to some weaker points in the plot but the overall feel of the show is here now and established. The direction keeps being solid throughout and the acting keeps getting better for the most part. Scares keep being the highlight as well as any of the main horror elements. The Strain is definitely worth it.


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