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Batman Eternal #19

The weekly series is one step closer to adulthood as we get answers this week.


Batman Eternal #19
Written by Tim Seeley; Drawn by Emanuel Simeoni

Well its revealed now that James Gordon was hypnotized into believing he saw the suspect with a gun that caused the train crash of the first issue. Similar in type to the Mad Hatter’s tech. Its still having a effect on Batgirl, imagining Red Hood as the Joker and for the majority of the issue which makes me happy. Batgirl going all medieval on his ass. As much as I enjoy seeing that, there is a nice moment with Red Hood where he recalls the first time they met and it gets through to Batgirl and its a pretty nice moment. I doubt I’ll care this much about Red Hood ever again.

So yeah Batwoman confronts him and gets into things with his child workers. Oh and the man’s name is revealed to be Falsario. What a name.

That action takes up a good portion of the issue but we do get other looks such as Red Robin truly about to start Harper which I’m intrigued by slowly.

Meanwhile the Penguin and Falcone situation in Blackgate escalates quickly as a breakout has happened and the warden enlists Gordon’s help to take care of it and in a great part, Gordon goes through Blackgate kicking all the ass in sight and its pretty goddamn entertaining, especially with the wonderful art os Emanuel Simeoni with Gordon coming down on thugs like a bat out of hell. It really has some excitement to it.

Yet it can be effectively creepy such as when Batman, Bard, and Killer Croc continue on down the Gotham sewer to find the missing little girl and find the husks of reanimated corpses. The way Simeoni draws that is effectively creepy as stated above. Its really horrifying to look at in a way, as much as the New 52 version of the Ten Eyed Man, who is revealed to be the one who has captured the little girl for some ritual.

Tim Seeley keeps things moving along swimmingly. While I might not be digging on Grayson at the moment, I think his work here is going good with the horror aspect here as well as great character work all over and keeping things balanced with everything that’s going on at the moment. The book keeps going strong here now that one more piece has been revealed in the bigger picture.



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