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Tube Talk: Tyrant: Meet the New Boss

Tyrant - Episode 1.08 - Meet the New Boss - Promotional Photo

Its times like these that make us question, who is the boss? Let’s find out in the latest review of Tyrant.


Tyrant: Season 1: Episode 8: Meet the New Boss: GRADE: A

Fallout from the Sheik’s death if for sure gonna have a play on the proceedings of its follow up episode. and Tyrant uses that to its advantage this week.

Jamal is being pulled to different ways. Barry pulls one way, Leila pulling the other. Barry trying to keep things calm about the election and stage a coup to get his own brother out of power as Leila of course continuing to drive her wedge between the two. Leila of course being all sorts of manipulative, again, when she forgives Barry for leaving her all these years with Jamal and all that surrounds her. Leila is the wildcard of the show honestly. Aside from the wedge driving, she has been a suspicious player the whole time. Reclaiming her spot in bed when Jamal is president is a great example and I imagine that she knows of Barry’s part in the Sheik’s death, she’s gonna use this well to her advantage. It’d be out of character for her not to do that.

The main crux of the episode is also the endgame we now have set for the season with Barry overthrowing Jamal so Abbudin won’t descend into chaos. The setup scene between Barry and Tucker is really well done and has this piece of great dialogue.

Tucker: The U.S. is not in the business of regime change.
Barry: Say that again with a straight face.

Though this would create some chaos given that a Middle Eastern dictator would be replaced with an American, yeah that’ll go well. Yes Barry is from Abbudin, but he is very much American with his Western ideals now. This is one my favorite scenes of Tyrant yet thanks to the subtext underneath helps show the urgency of what Jamal is saying. He loves Jamal, but can’t see him continue in his position. But for Jamal to go down, Tariq must go first and they already have key players in place. Yussef, Hakim, and Tariq’s right hand man, Ziad. Tariq of course off on his own thing to use Walid (Waleed Elgadi) as Jamal’s opponent to show what a sham they think the elections are, which are now being pushed to nine months to appease Ihab from pulling out.


Elsewhere, Nusrat continues to be aloof from Jamal breaking her hymen, so he decides to visit her after his son expresses concern and what follows is another great scene where nude and out the shower, she confronts him when he comes to talk to her and it makes Jamal uncomfortable, as well as the viewer. I know I was. She confronts him on what he truly wants and there is a look among Jamal’s face that shows he truly regrets going there. Not what he did, but that he went to see her, even out of the best of intentions. She gained the upperhand here and it was great seeing the tables turned on Jamal.

Speaking of scenes involving the women of Tyrant, I’l be honest when I say Jennifer Finnigan hasn’t been a complete stand-out in the cast, kinda just blending into the scenery honestly but this week when Barry insists on getting the family out to back home for a week to make sure they aren’t caught in the crossfire and when Barry reveals why he’s so insistent, she truly breaks out and gets to show off her talent. Of course you’d be an idiot to not see the misogynistic undertones shown off given the settings.

The family of course is mixed with Emma excited but lazy Sammy and freeloading Jenna not so much. Yeah they aren’t in the episode much, but they still somehow suck all the air out of the room with any given scene they are in. Yes, they haven’t improved at all in anyway.


Knowing the direction its going in, Tyrant is set for the season now which has gotten on a right path of storytelling. The ending shows a true conflict with the brothers. Things really aren’t gonna be the same and the show’s future does hang in the balance with no news of renewal in sight right now. Myself, I’m not sure if I want a second season cause I feel like this could easily be a wrapped up one season story, but I guess that’ll depend on how the show sticks the landing come season’s end.


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