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Tube Talk: Masters of Sex: Blackbird

Masters of Sex - Episode 2.06 - Blackbird - Promotional Photo


Truth us back to weld its ugly head on the show’s latest edition to season two!


Masters of Sex: Season 2: Episode 6: Blackbird: GRADE: B+

This week seems to be all about walls breaking down and truths coming out. Hey we’re sorta back to truth as a theme here. We all put walls up to shield up from some truths, to helps us make things easier than they really are right now, no matter what it is and the walls for everyone comes tumbling down hard.

But the one I want to talk about first is the wall Lillian breaks down. Coming to terms yet again with her fate. She breaks down her wall after discovering what she feared in terms of continued treatment. This is relatable in so many ways at least each of us has had someone give up during illness treatment. It hard to look at from every angle. No one can ever understand why someone would do that, but in case of Lillian like last week when speaking to Virginia in the car, she wants to end on her own terms. those terms including a glass of wine and bottle of sleeping pills. Its a real heartbreaker of a scene cause it means its the end of Julianne Nicholson’s tenure on the show and she’s an exceptional actress and was a great asset to the show as well as Virginia’s anchor, next to her kids of course. Virginia has just lost a role model. Someone she looked up to and admired. Someone she was proud to work with and help no matter the situation. Bon voyage, Lillian.

As to the theme of wall breaking, Bill and Virginia share their absolute first kiss. This is when Bill tries to console Virginia after Lillian states her intent to give up. Their wall between personal and professionalism comes down here and later on when Bill goes to see Virginia about their work, she’s dating that man she talked to at the end of Fight. Next week shows a promise of conflict between them given Bill’s insistence he’s a happily married man. Though after Libby’s actions this week, not sure how I’d be happily married to here. We’ll get to that.

This makes sense to have a story-thread like that. Bill never explicitly says “I love you” to Virginia, so why shouldn’t she go and have her love life outside of Bill and the study? I’m really looking forward to next week.


Betty’s wall falls as Gene discovers about her and Helen via Al and well remember how I said last week, for as much as I’m enjoying the performances and Sarah Silverman coming on to the show, how much longer can they last now that everything is out in the open? Will Gene simply go away as Betty stays and can openly date woman? I mean Greg Grunberg isn’t a main cast member where as Annaleigh Ashford is. The scene where Gene spills all feels repetitive with him saying how much he’s upset that the truth is scarce among the two of them, but again the acting involved is what’s elevating it. Betty clearly wants her cake and eat it too when she proposes Helen gets a place nearby and she clearly will stop at nothing to get Betty all to herself.

One wall comes down quick as to why Hendricks has been sabotaging the study as he fears it’ll become a study of just black subjects and as Bill tries to reassure him it isn’t, he starts to feel pressure form the job mount. Barton was the only one really willing to give him a shot. The one to truly believe in him. So when we see him intentionally risk his entire study with false information just to avoid and exposé, its an attempt to further hide his inner-self, which is honestly, a bit self destructive. Bill does have a realization moment of his actions but its as he’s set to go and find yet another hospital.

The weakest all is of course Libby who, as I liked Caitlin Fitzgerald, Libby goes a bit far to force herself to run Coral’s life with Robert. She tries to get her to make a good choice, while trying to not show any hint os possible racism, as the wall comes down that Robert is her brother, which officially makes why Coral said to Libby about Robert, creepy on so many levels. The story-thread held no interest of mine compared to how everything else played out.


Masters of Sex keeps going on strong here in its second season with centralized themes and explorations of those themes each week. I’m feeling like an anxious reader wanting the next chapter of the story now so I get the full picture, but the show is worth waiting for in each week. I love that and its honestly making this one the year’s best shows so far. I love it.


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