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Tube Talk: The Leftovers: Cairo


Things just escalate with The Leftovers close to its first season endgame here on Tube Talk.


The Leftovers: Season 1: Episode 8: Cairo: GRADE: A

First off, we’re getting more Leftovers cause HBO has officially renewed the show for a second season!

Now on to another factor of things. Last week I said I can’t blame anyone if they don’t enjoy the shows. Its a take it or leave deal and that’s fine. I can more than understand why some people won’t be on board with this, but one thing I will agree on with a lot of people, the Guilty Remnant is the worst cult ever. I finally do understand them from this week and as well as thinking back about he previous seven episodes, they are a cult of depression. They are depressed about what had happened and I see why they do their acts. To make everyone as depressed as they are from the Sudden Departure. They are all about that and choose to be dower about the situation rather than trying to make what’s left of life. They are hollow empty shells of their former selves and will choose to remain that way. As Patti says in the episode, they detach themselves from all emotions until they are erased. They accept what has happened and are ready for themselves to vanish.

Though seriously, worst cult ever. their ways of making people depressed and recruiting, pretty stupid. Stealing pictures, white everything, smoking. I can see how you can make them effective as a cult by having them do pretty minimalistic things, but I really haven’t felt them have any weight aside from the picture stealing which lead to Gladys’ stoning, but even then they just keep on with the depression. Mind you, their sections are gold compared to the subplot involving Tommy and Wayne. I simply find them just not that interesting unless it involved the Jamison siblings.

That is until this week.


The GR are a heavy part of this week’s —– episode as Kevin in a daze it seems along with Dean, take matter into their own hands and abduct Patti into a secluded cabin out in the woods to “end it all”. Kevin’s grip on reality continues its downward spiral which gets worse when he’s forced to come to a conclusion of possible murdering her cause as Patti said, yes said, as in talked with her mouth, she’ll go to the cops and reveal everything and ruin Kevin’s life. Well the standoff scenes are well done and acted as is par for the course of this show. Justin Theroux and Ann Dowd are great against each other here as the balance of good and bad in Mapleton. Its also unsettling seeing how far Kevin has fallen, yet wants to fix it all. He does when Dean tries putting a plastic bag over Patti’s head and letting her die but he saves her and Dean just walks out, still not knowing what his deal is really.

Yet she still won’t budge. Can’t let her go, can’t let her die. Patti pleads Kevin to accept his fate and just give up. Ann Dowd gives an incredible performance in that final scene with Kevin when its just them at night and its kinda haunting what she says and how she says it. Kevin accepts his fate and lets her loose. Then Patti takes a broke piece of glass and slices her own throat, hoping that Kevin will still understand. What a way for Dowd to leave the show.

This was the main crux of the episode and it grounds it so well. The acting and direction of it and its impact is so incredible. This is part of why I love this show. The acting and the exploration of broken people trying to pick up the piece and put themselves back together.


Then we have our subplot which is a mixture of things but mostly Jill joining the GR. I feel like this was going to happen with each week being a slower descent into madness and depression for her. After she and Aimee question Nora at dinner about the gun, they have a falling out later when Aimee seems to have enough and tells Jill that its possible to be okay, but only Jill will let them be okay. Jill has seemed to be a guiding depressive force of Aimee and the Unfunny Twins, yeah they’re back again, and of course she asks if she has slept with her dad. Aimee’s response is perfect for the character with a great blend of sarcasm as well as showing she’s had it with Jill’s bitterness. She and the twins break into Nora’s house and find the gun but she does nothing about it. She has some clarity and it seems her bitterness and well downfall has finally let her hit rock bottom at the GR’s front door.

Her mom is so surprised as she’s been running the GR in Patti’s absence, and will soon be promoted. She’s had to deal with the eagerness of Liv Tyler’s Megan who is seen attacking Matt handing out fliers for Megan to come home as well as to me, hilariously, trying too hard to get Laurie to care about the fact Kevin and Nora are together. I’m sorry but that’s funny to me.


The Leftovers is getting better and better as it goes to the end of the season. I for one am anxiously waiting now with the ending of this week on the edge of my seat. Here’s hoping for a good ending.


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