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Tube Talk: The Strain: Occultation


Christmas comes early for out fanged -er uh, long tongued friends on the latest edition of the FX horror series.


The Strain: Season 1: Episode 6: Occultation: GRADE: A-

An upcoming eclipse is gonna be like Christmas for the vampires as they’re about to get from free range human as the team is scattered with Eph being captured by the FBI, Nora trying to protect her mother, and Jim still in collusion with the vampires themselves, but the eclipse it so heavily featured, that its disappointing when it only amounts to a couple key moments with the FBI agents that have detained Eph finally see him as right before they die off and a coworker of Matt’s to show he too was wrong about Eph.

Again I feel like for al that buildup, it was slightly disappointing to see that end result because well I admit they might be limited on the episode budget and they wanna save up their big vampire onslaught for say the season finale, but yet it was a necessary plot element to make the presence of vampires more public, which it has with the attack in the traffic jam and will allow our characters to be true active participants in the upcoming war.

Eph spends the majority of the episode in FBI custody after Matt calls them in on him and his struggle of getting them to believe him, as stated above, pays off to help show that he’s right along in a very well used scene of effects, and also show Eph isn’t fucking around by just straight up leaving them as they die when he gets free of his restraints. Could the agents now be seen as vampires? Doubtful since sunlight comes back pretty quick, but so many witnesses saw it happen so it will spread like wildfire. We’re seeing the parts slowly come together as Nora and her mom take up refuge with Setrakian when Eph comes to see him at episode’s end. Things are slowly coming together.


Even more revelations are made for Gus as he’s sucked back into doing dirty work for Eichhorst as he’s slightly coming to the truth of who he is when punching him and a little bit of his foundation comes off. I hate when that happens too, then I gotta reapply, and…let’s move on. He and brother Felix have to dispose of a body with Jim’s help and I’ll just take the time to say RIP Felix cause his fate was sealed the moment he stopped and opened the body bag they were to dispose of and saw the long tongue stick out and when same vampire attacked Eph’s FBI agents attack them, Felix got some the worms on him. given how much I care for him is the same level of caring for Gus’ story and the character himself right now, I’m not gonna be that upset to see him go soon. Seriously man, when you’re asked to get rid of a body and you’re paid money and a promise your mother won’t be deported, you do your damn job.

Speaking of Eichorst, the opening scene where he plays with his food, food meaning a human man in his tighty whites and chained around the neck while Eichorst himself is all natural, is creepy. Its expertly paced for such a small, but effective and scary scene that shows he’s a true and immediate threat to the world itself. Seeing that face agains closeup was unsettling in so many ways that its just great. Its a very disturbing scene in a show that’s mastering the disturbing. I loved it.

Vasiliy gets highly involved too having to kill off a couple coworkers this week via sunlight as his office is infected with the disease and it was great to see because it showed off Kevin Durand’s good range with just his face. It also sets up Vasiliy as a major player now in the proceedings with him coming more into the picture and even some background as he goes visits his dad for the first time in a while and they have tension. Vasiliy turned down a chance at a great architecture scholarship. Feels like a bit of son wanting to go his own way despite his parents wanting their life for him, but hey its infinitely way better than anything involving Gus and his nothing of an arc at the moment and Kevin Durand is a fine actor honestly. I think he can pull it off well.


While making a slight disappointment after a buildup, the show does set its game up highly further with character progression, more expertly done scares, and a path to the end. The Strain has picked up big time doesn’t show sings of slowing down.


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