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Batman Eternal #20

Its a new decade here for Batman Eternal, let us celebrate!


Batman Eternal #20
Written by Tim Seeley; Drawn by Emanuel Simeoni

We seem to be at an end of Batgirl’s adventure in Brazil and its been pretty interesting to see one factor lead to a big answer so far, but it leads to another as Batgril finds Falsario dead, unable to find out who hired him but also who even killed him with just a knife left behind. The Brazil section has been fun, despite Red Hood and helped to serve the story well. Aside from giving an international flavor to the book, its been really interesting to see how far Barbara is going for her father. Its fascinating honestly seeing her go off the deep end here.

Elsewhere the Batman/Bard/Croc team up dissolves once taking down the strangely newer and darker Ten-Eyed Man from using the little girl as a portal to something, I’ll be honest, the novelty of the team up against TEM wore off here as this felt like an unnecessary detour into things. Like its there to break up some tension and the story, and while that’s good and all, it really didn’t do much for me here. It was slightly confusing honestly and I don’t see how this will tie into anything in the book down the line. Aside from the Alex Maleev like and great art of Emanuel Simeoni to give a creepy and uneasy feel to this, there’s nothing of it.

But there is something with Jim Gordon going all Die Hard in Blackgate. That’s what this was, Die Hard with Batman, but really Gordon instead and that’s honestly pretty goddamn awesome. He’s kicking ass all over the place while dealing with Rex Calabrese, the Lion, the former kingpin of crime in Gotham, who it seems was hiding in plain sight as part of an atonement. This was really nicely written with the character work of Gordon and Calabrese and the pacing and action. I’m sorry, Commissioner Jim McClaine is too awesome.

The art really serves it well and writing is mostly good here, but I got excited when Stephanie Brown dawns the full Spoiler costume for the first time, again, and decides to start spoiling her dad’s fun herself.

Just another fine issue. Nothing really standing out, but we get one loose thread tied up, one unnecessary story, awesome action, and great reveal. Feels good, but still stuck in neutral right now.



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