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Tube Talk: Masters of Sex: Mirror, Mirror

Masters of Sex - Episode 2.08 - Mirror, Mirror - Promotional Photo

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the sexiest reviewer of them all? Me? Oh you’re too kind. Wait, this new reviewer has a new review of Masters of Sex! Read, why don’t you?


Masters of Sex: Season 2: Episode 8: Mirror, Mirror,: GRADE: B-

We all have demons. That’s what this week is about, the demons we all have and how they can affect using many ways such as everyday things, thinking, human interactions, even cause sexual dysfunction which is heavily featured in the episode. Also mirror versions of ourselves. Hence the episode title.

Virginia wants to study sexual dysfunction in patients they’ve dealt with before in hopes of furthering the study, as Bill is still dealing with his own secret impotence, which over the course of the dysfunction might be in his head like Leter’s problem in coming up withe a eulogy for his father’s funeral. He even seeks help while a couple in the dysfunction study by trying out his eulogy in what’s a pretty poor attempt at humor via juxtaposition. Lester’s dealing with his own dysfunction in that he can’t seem to bring himself to have sex anymore when thinking of Jane and what happened between them. Now she’s off with a Hollywood hot shot that Lester wishes was him. I can’t help but feel for as much Lester loves helping Bill and Virginia out, he truly resents being back at the study when he truly believes he should be out in Hollywood making the latest cinema classic

Bill has his own demons himself with his whole family, but this week, more so in younger brother Frank (Christian Borle) who is trying to figure out why he and his wife are having trouble getting pregnant. Frank is shown as someone who really looked up to his brother. He went to the same medical school after all and turns out they share the same bout of impotence at the moment. Bill personally doesn’t want to handle it himself which one could simply say is conflict of interest but I think its more so because Frank is reminding Bill of a time he’s still trying to forget completely. I’ve heard it could be because Frank was the preferred and much more loved child, which might explain why we haven’t seen him until now. Though Frank can’t accept that really. He even gives a tale about what made him go into plastic surgery but that also led to his demon, alcoholism which he’s nearly a year sober of.

Yet we can sometime be successful in burying our demons but they can be triggered back. That’s where we enter Barbara thanks to the amazing acting of Betsy Brandt this week that was honestly much better than nearly anything she did back on Breaking Bad. Virginia insists she’s perfect for the study, more so now since sexual dysfunction is the order of the day thanks to her vaginismus which had to deal with relations with her brother. All Virginia wanted to do was to help, but this week she went too far. A great monologue Barbara has to Virginia when she does discover the causing of this, which also has some mental factors to it, which is the best thing I’ve ever seen Brandt do. Virginia’s heart is always in the right place, as also evident with her posing as Barbara with the psychiatrist she recommended she see. Its convoluted to do this, but she thinks its the right way to pass along the information Barbara needs.

The stuff dealing with demons, that’s fascinating. Its great to see so many sides of our main and side characters that works together so well that it fits with the mirrors them too such as Bill seeing himself in Frank, Lester and Barbara being unintentional mirrors for each other, and Bill’s women acting as mirrors. Libby is his light side while Virginia is his darker, secret side. Its great to see that the show keep up something so good like this after the standout episode of last week. Its so good, everything else this week feels like such a damn letdown given how good last week’s episode was.


Austen gets sucked into the Cal-O-Metrics story as the new spokesmen. Why? We need something for him to do. But also the money. Bill has his mom’s money, yet they still have issue while trying to get tax except status. Nothing much is made of that. Oh and Libby is going to testify for Robert. These plot points feel out of place, more so Libby and Austen’s and give the epsode a disjointed feel where it just still rings in my mind how pointless those were for this episode.

I admit its partly for how good last week was that the half of this week that didn’t work is enough the bring the episode down a but despite the great stuff that worked. Again they give the episode a disjointed feeling that makes this the season’s weakest offering yet.


Masters of Sex is still among TV’s best offerings but this week doesn’t show that off quite well and I think it has its own demons to work on.

I’d just like to say right now, this is an unsolicited promotion but we do all have our personal demons and that are troublesome. They can be harmful to us and those around us and give us unhappy thoughts and impulses we want to act on I have that feeling as well. If you feel as if your demons are winning, please call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255. Let them help you win over your demons.


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