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Batman Eternal #22

I don’t know about you, but Batman’s feeling 22! Yeah I resorted to a Taylor Swift inspired joke. I feel very dirty. Let’s take a look at Batman Eternal #22.


Batman Eternal #22
Written by Kyle Higgins; Drawn by Jorge Lucas

I will one thing Batman that’s written by Scott Snyder I haven’t read is the miniseries, Gates of Gotham, which I hear is great and is co-written by main writer this week, Kyle Higgins. Higgins brings back the villains created from that book, The Architect. Maybe had I read Gate of Gotham, busy schedule and all, but from this, yeah he’s a pretty damn good villain. He overtakes the rebuilding of the Beacon Tower that got attacked by the Court of Owls way back in the beginning of Snyder’s Batman run in The New 52.

Naturally of course Hush is involved as Batman truly comes to the realization and oh boy things will now get a lot more interesting fast. Especially more so now that we can confirm Julia is the one in the Batcave from Batman #28.

We get yet another one plot centralized story, which is fine, but I would have loved to see more follow up on what’s going on with Alfred in the hospital.

Kyle Higgins is a fine writer and one I’ve come to really enjoy thanks to his work on Nightwing, Batman Beyond digital comics, and current favorite, C.O.W.L. from Image. He has a good sense of setup and really good execution. He really knows how to fill a story out and make everything come together and keep it on a consistent pace and its no wonder The Architect feels so developed and much like a threat since he did help in its creation. The fights here are good and really well down thanks to the pencils by Jorge Lucas who I never really heard off and he has a certain layer of grittiness to his art that makes it look dirty and rough but for what went down in this issue, I really enjoyed it a lot.

I really can’t think of something I didn’t really like from this issue. It was a great and solid story all over the place.

The book keeps going forward and I think soon enough we’ll be back to the multiple stories at once since there’s still a lot to get to but now that more chess pieces have been set up, let the games begin!



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