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Tube Talk: Masters of Sex: Story of My Life


Well the story of my life right now is at a chapter where I review for you, the latest episode of Masters of Sex.


Masters of Sex: Season 2: Episode 9: Story of My Life: GRADE: B+

Truth, lies, and demons comes back into our episode as the themes, yes themes, but it wasn’t until after and before writing I came to that because I wasn’t thinking much about the theme of the episode as I was focusing on what the episode it self was this week with its great performances, excellently scored music, and brilliant direction.

Frank reveals reasons for his drinking and tells Bill that facing the truth about his alcoholism healed him and has made him a better person and saved his marriage and Barbara coming to the truth of her incident with her brother only further devastates her and her demons keep coming to the forefront of her mind.

Whereas lying is what Virginia and Libby do for most of the episode with Virginia still lying to the therapist, poorly, and nearly getting caught in an equally poor effort attempt to get Barbara psych help. Libby lies about what she saw last week as to possibly save her from not being involved in the case where it might risk her life.

Though Virginia’s own truth discovery is from her lying in realizing what her pageant-pushing mother did to her and how that what she and Bill are doing isn’t just for research but his own personal gain and how devastated Libby will be if she finds out. That’s what kept Virginia going is that it was all in the name of the study, and this leads Bill to reveal the truth of his impotence to Virginia. The reason he seems to take a sudden interest in sexual dysfunction lately.


This comes from realizing that after setting Lester up with Miss Kitty, a former co-worker of Betty’s, to help him with his own impotence in hopes he’ll figure out his own without admitting it cause well Bill has too much pride to admit it. He find that the truth is he must discover it with Virginia because Lester’s session lacked an emotional connection that one would need to get over such a problem. We know it can be mental as well but emotion can play a huge part. The recent season opener of The League dealt with this as Jenny’s constant flaunting for her Shiva victory still loomed over Kevin, and of course some of Kevin’s prematurity and dominance issues, for months where he can’t perform with her in bed until she bonds with him over his draft picks. Though this episode doesn’t have sex at a funeral or JJ Watt.

Bill’s admittance of the problem is shot very well and is a great showcase, another one, for Michael Sheen. He’s absolutely great in this role and has owned it since the beginning of the show.

Speaking of showcase from the Masters, Christian Borle in his AA speech was fantastic. This subplot of the episode made up for how disjointed and meh Libby’s subplot is which leads her to go to work for the CORE offices. Frank’s speech showed him opening up with the truth about his demons that lead him to want to drink and the lies he told himself that it helped him vanish. This makes a good case for the Guest Drama Actor Emmy in his name next year.


Betsy Brandt makes a good case for Guest Actress as she continues to blow me away. She as mentioned confronts her demons in her brother and the realization that she may have wanted to experiment just kills her even more. She still doesn’t know what Virginia is doing and actually causing further pain to Barb by going to the therapist. The emotion she has here, she’s quickly becoming the best thing about the show besides Bill and Virginia.

This week gets things going a little further and does show how much the truth can be uplifting and how much it can hurt, that lying won’t simply help, and that hitting your demons head on is maybe the best thing to do in some situations. We must find our way.


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