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Tube Talk: The Strain: The Disappeared

The Strain - Episode 1.09 - The Disappeared - Promotional Photo

The Strain gets back to basics this week! Review below!


The Strain: Season 1: Episode 9: The Disappeared: GRADE: B+

Well given the great nature of last week it did seem this week would be a tiny bit of a let down and it was and wasn’t. Its a really solid episode in the really strong second half of the season.

More and more people are coming to the realization of the vampires. We have Eph’s son Zach discovering as Matt tries to turn him before getting beheaded by Eph and Gus finally sees what he’s helped start when Felix turns into during a prison transfer. Right now we got four episodes left and things are going into a good pace. More people are discovering what’s going on and we do get further development, surprisingly in our newest member of the good fight, Dutch in a very nice scene with Vasiliy who is slowly becoming my show MVP. He’s on top of everything, funny, smart, and just all around badass! He’s also very entertaining which helps.

A quality I don’t think we’ll ever get from Gus as mentioned above, he’s back in the picture and now is aware thanks to dumbass Felix, who I wasn’t sorry to see go since he was stupid in trying to open that body bag and wasn’t feeling emotional when Gus shot him. This story whenever it comes up feels like a vacuum that sucks out all momentum and interest when it does. The acting isn’t interesting, writing feels boring, and it doesn’t feel wholly connected to a lot of what’s going on aside from Gus’ part in the pilot episode of moving the coffin.


Speaking of, we’re back to Poland this time as we see Setrakian come into contact with the Master who promptly breaks his fingers which makes it a little hard for him to climb a part of the broken fence later on in the episode when we see Setrakian and may others from the concentration camp escape as the camp is attacked upon. The episode plays them in a parallel, but obviously, Setrakian is far more entertaining as it leads to the episode conclusion where Eicchorst becomes what he is now when meeting the Master.

Master is where the episode I think shines best as the makeup of him and the scary, creepy vibe from him is very prevalent when one screen, both in shadows and in the light. Robert Maillet, Lt. Aleksis Kaidonovsky from del Toro’s Pacific Rim, is intimidating enough out of the Master get up, but man he truly is scary and that is also thanks to the voice work provided by Robin Atkin Downes. The makeup team put a lot of time and effort into that and it just is incredible.

Hell the scene itself is great with the dialogue of Eicchorst turning into a servant for him so quick, the effects on that too were good. Eicchorst just saw the transformation as a salvation he’s sought. A place to belong, well I guess aside from Nazis.

That’s really the best majority parts next to a great and quick funny scene where Nora’s mother chews the crew out when they get back for leaving here there. Oh speaking of Nora, she and Eph do it.

Yeah totally and randomly bone in Eph’s house after disposing of several bodies and are discovered by the show’s other annoying character, Diane who I just don’t care for. Though she does have something over Gus, which is a personality! Also some range.


The Strain moves on along as it gets back to its normal routine here as the endgame is nearly insight and it does keep getting more interesting and interesting. I’m very curious as to how season two will go.


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