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Batman Eternal #23

Things keep moving into place and Gotham’s about to get a lot worse, believe it or not in the latest issue of the weekly series!


Batman Eternal #23
Written by Tim Seeley; Drawn by Dustin Nguyen

Well this issue gives a big development for the returning Catwoman as we get closer to where she was back in Batman #28 and where she’ll be when the new creative team takes over her book in October. Its revealed that Selina’s father is Rex “The Lion” Calabrese and he wants her to unite the families of Gotham, become the new kingpin. The scenes involving the both of them are damn good character drama. Seeley gets right into it with them and its wonderful to see. He doesn’t make it overly dramatic, he lets it play out as it would naturally happen. Selina wants nothing to do with her dad but he wants the natural order of crime in Gotham to stay intact. He wants no chaos. Seeing where this will be heading has me interested and of course excited for the new creative team on Catwoman, also meaning I can start reading that book again.

He gets the deeper side of Selina and writes a true character, but also doesn’t skip out on the fun aspect of her as she’s going to rob an underground dog fight where a snow leopard is about to be served up, but is shot by Tiger Shark. Its the best part of the book next to the follow up of Batman discovering Hush is behind this all. He continues the fight with The Architect demanding answers before he flies away as an earthquake suddenly happens, but not so as Hush hired Architect to create one to bring Beacon Tower down. Well much to his dismay, it still standing up tall.

That helps perfectly counterbalance the Catwoman stuff and also allowed a variety of Dustin Nguyen’s great art for the issue who just kills it here again. He should have an ongoing, just saying DC. He brings action out wonderfully and makes the expressions in the dialogue scenes really come out and fit the tone of the writing.

Such as when Bard tells Mayor Hady its time to call in the Governor and military and declare martial law on Gotham. Oh and random sidebar to Killer Croc in the sewer doing things. Its slightly back to the juggling storylines issues here but things can get interesting next week as it teased a spoiler alert. Following up Catwoman with Stephanie Brown? YES!

RATING: 4.5/5


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