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Tube Talk: The Strain: Loved Ones


Well things slow down this week on The Strain they may have picked the worst time to do so.


The Strain: Season 1: Episode 10: Loved Ones: GRADE: C+

The Strain takes a break from its pace and slows down this week, but does the show really need to slow down right now? We’re very close on the end and any show like this with the overarching story it has, sure it Creatures of the Night was, while also adding a big part to the story and being a game changer for the season. Right now, momentum needs to be ratcheted up and keep going at a breakneck speed while not be too confusing to make the viewers lost. What we don’t need a whole episode devoted to Kelly.

Yes Eph’s put upon ex-wife play by Natalie Brown really hasn’t had much to work with and really has been a peripheral character, there to help advance Eph’s arc. That’s how she’s honestly been. We see in flashbacks, which all her parts take part in, that she gets hit with a worm when attacking vampire Matt and is later turned. We see that she loses her phone, which kick starts the story when Zach finds her signal and leads Eph and the search for her. She also kills Diane and her child then just kinda wanders around a bit for the rest of her part of the episode until she’s called to upon from The Master as a faithful servant. That could provide some interesting results, her being his puppet. I would like to see more of where that goes.

Natalie Brown’s acting certainly hasn’t been her problem, its just her writing because, when I come into a show about vampire infestation epidemic, custody battles are in my mind! Alright that’s honestly a stupid thing to say, its there to help further build up Eph’s character and show his drive and determination and give him further motivation to stop this as to not se his son and ex-wife harmed cause as he said last week, she’s the mother of his child. Though romance is out the picture, they are all about Zach’s well-being. But that storyline is hindered on an emotional connection. Such a connection that I never rally felt from it. I was stone cold at the end of the ending where Zach watches the birthday video on Kelly’s phone where she got him a bike. I get the desired emotions from this storyline, I just never felt them is what I’m saying.

The Strain - Episode 1.10 - Loved Ones - Promotional Photo

The fight of humans against vampires was and still is far more engaging which brings us to Dutch. She plans to undo the unintentional part she had in Stoneheart’s plan with Vasiliy in tow. This is honestly where the episode is really good thanks to how good the chemistry between them are. See the majority of the episode is centered on Kelly and her story, with Nora, Setrakian, Eichhorst, almost everyone sidelined besides her, Dutch, and Vasiliy. They meet up with Palmer who gives a villain speech, which sounds so over-the-top its great given the delivery of it from Jonathan Hyde. We also see that Palmer’s right hand Fitzwilliams (Roger Cross) is having second thoughts of Palmer’s quest for immortality by teaming up with a psycho vampire in Eichhorst. That’s a development that could easily have been a better focus for the episode.


That’s really all there is to the episode. Not enough of a good storyline, too much of an uninteresting one, when we need to be gearing up for the big showdown. I have enough faith the show can bounce back fast from this.


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