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Batman Eternal #24

SPOILER ALERT: Stephanie Brown is goddamn awesome! Batman Eternal #24 coming right at you!


Batman Eternal #24
Written by Ray Fawkes; Drawn by Andy Clarke

Oh Stephanie, well you came and kicked ass, but DC sent you away, oh Stephanie, then came back and kicked more ass and I’m glad you’re back oh Stephanie!

Stephanie Brown is the main focus of this issue and she goes deeper into ruining the plan of her father’s and his group hired by Hush to cause mass riots in Gotham. She of course goes to further spoil things but daddy is waiting for her, telling her they could have been in on this together, partners! but we get Stephanie kicking his ass, leading him on a motorcycle chase, and sets him up to be arrested, not by the GCPD, but state police since she lead him six miles out the city.

Again I made no bones about how much I love this character and Fawkes this issue really does get the character right, from her wit to her heroism to just overall charm that makes her so damn great to watch and read about. She’s far from done as she states she’s just getting started at the end of the issue, and I’m excited about what more is to come from her. I don’t even mind she’s The Spoiler again, but then again Barbara is still Batgirl so logic and all that good stuff. The action is excellently well paced and goes fast and furious with it, thanks in part to Andy Clarke’s art who I enjoy here once again for his style and looks so good.

Also since Fawkes is writing this issue, maybe we should you know somewhat catch up with what the hell is going on at Arkham? Well we do…sort of. Batman goes to an art gallery where Dr. Ecks (formerly Double X in non-New 52 continuity for those wondering why he’s important to name) and he deals with the ghostly figure there with Nth metal and decides to call into Batwing, but no answer is given. So that happened and we’re moving on.

We get a whole lot of one thing, sprinkle of another, seems like standard protocol here for the Batman weekly series but next up in a spotlight (again), Julia Pennyworth!

RATING: 4.5/5


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