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Batman Eternal #25

Well it seems the weekly series is finally catching up to what we saw back in Batman #28 so let’s take a look how in Batman Eternal #25


Batman Etern #25
Written by James Tynion IV; Drawn by R.M. Guera

Yeah we already we got here cause of Hush. Tommy Elliot once again here to up-stir and wreck Bruce’s life ever since Bruce was the golden boy back when they were best friends and we get a damn good conversational confrontation between them thanks to the great writing of James Tynion IV. Well more so Batman and a hologram of Hush that Tommy is controlling elsewhere from Bard’s apartment, who Batman followed to confront after Bard had released the Architect and pressed Vicki Vale into releasing a story saying terror attacks in Gotham are imminent. Naturally, riots start going on all over the city.

The dialogue between Batman and Hush feel so natural given the history of the character and their place in the present right now. He really wants to get personal this time and won’t stop at nothing until its done. Such as blowing up the apartment that won’t kill him. Hush feels as ruthless as he was back in Paul Dini’s amazing Heart of Hush, which I highly recommend you read right now. He wants all that Bruce had gone in the worst possible way.

Elsewhere we definitely we’re back to multiple storylines going on as Tim and Harper are back from Japan, no training montage then I guess, before he goes to see Jason who called him to see Alfred and have a surprisingly about sticking together as a unit since the event of Death of the Family, also read if you haven’t by now. They call Barbara and decide its time to talk to Bruce, after she talks to her dad from Blackgate, and Bard goes to see the Mayor Hady who thinks Bard was killed and Bard tells him city officials are being targeted and that they must initiate martial law, which Hady agrees to.

Great balance as usual so on to R.M. Guera’s art who I like for the most part. This is the first time I’m aware of him and his art and he’s got great different facial work in his wheelhouse to make everyone standout and works well with action scenes and destruction. He helps effectively tell the story that’s on page and that to me is my biggest mark of great art for a comic besides looking amazing. I like this style and hope he does a few more issues of the book.

Right now the book still feels very much in place with its narrative right now that is elevated but the quality of tis writing, but maybe the martial law being brought in can give this book a huge shot of energy. I would like to see something big happen every now and then.



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