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Tube Talk: The Strain: Last Rites


Time for our last rites as we get ready for the final battle here on the PENULTIMATE chapter of The Strain’s first season.


The Strain: Season 1: Episode 12: Last Rites: GRADE: B+

This week things really geared up for our crew as they prepare for their stand against The Master, but first Gus.

Gus does things this week, but mostly he leads some nobody to a storage container full of vampires and is abducted by the rogue vampire commando squad who are FINALLY back here but I fear now their coolness might be bogged down by Gus’ blandness. Here’s hoping for the complete opposite of that.

But now moves are being made with Dutch coming back to help Eph breaking into all telecommunications to get the word out about rocking the vote, I mean the vampires. YAY, but NAY as it leads Eichhorst to them, nice to see you again, and drive them out. Tonight we get more of Setrakian’s with past when we flashback to Albania as he hunts for Eicchorst and its here we see how he killed his wife and that scene is played very well. The “younger” actor plays the emotion well but as that scene plays we see current Setrakian give an honestly emotional scene where he says goodbye to his wife’s heart and its also in big thanks to David Bradley’s acting. It really is an effective scene that let’s him have a nice moment.

Setrakian’s arc has been the most engaging with his history with Eichhorst and the flashbacks that flesh his stuff out to where he is now. I hope he makes it to the next season because frankly he’s a badass and more badass David Bradley is always good for television.


Meanwhile Palmer is finally given youth again from The Master. It seemed at first though Eichhorst would back out the deal just to be like, “Oh yeah you go us here, well fuck, we’re gonna take over the world.” Master keeps up his end but I still doubt Palmer might make season two since what other use does the vampires have for him now? He used all his resources to bring them over and while they held up their end of the deal, what’s to stop them from offing him? Also it appears Palmer is just human again, not vampire, but he’s also immortal. I kinda, really hope they can address that.

There are nice character moments like Vasiliy and Dutch on the rooftop talking about relationships, anything Setrakian and his arc which has been the most investing, and Nora killing her mother after forgettable rockstar attacked her. I’m glad she did it instead of Eph because well you know, the emotional weight of the situation. That moment is also good thanks to how Mía Maestro acted for it.

The Strain - Episode 1.12 - Last Rites - Promotional Photo

The finale is coming and let’s hope it all lives up to expectations.


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