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Batman Eternal #26

So Gotham is officially under Marital Law. Let’s see how terrible that idea will be in the latest issue!


Batman Eternal #26
Written by James Tynion IV; Drawn by R.M. Guera

So this really isn’t all about Hush as we perceived from last week’s issue tease but we do find out Hush’s history via Batman being exposition bot to Julia at Alfred’s hospital room. Its more or less the same as it has been before but with the slight tweak that as a kid, Tommy Elliot cut his parents break line and transmission fluid which caused them to die in a car accident. Slight little tweak from what it was before but that’s fine, and necessary actually given this is another packed issue. Batman is trying to figure out where Hush is, but Hush has gotten one step ahead of him where his doctor, Tommy Elliot (DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUUN!) has moved him to a better hospital to better suit his needs. Those needs being Arkham Asylum with the Joker’s Daughter claiming he has a new master to serve.

The Hush parts again necessarily short but I wouldn’t have minded a history issue where we see more of Hush, but we get all the information needed about him and knowing Bruce’s secret, is albeit some not so well done exposition dialogue, but that’s the worst thing I can say about Tynion’s writing overall because he still writes a very good Batman story, also if you want more check out his Boom Studios creator owned The Woods. I do like we’re somehow getting back to Arkham since Arkham Manor is coming at the end of the month and we kinda need that to be set up for the book makes sense.

R.M. Guera’s art is good here this week too, though there are a couple awkwardly drawn faces on Barbara and Tim at some point. The issue is light on action except for when the Batfamily goes and deals with the riots all over Gotham, but even then its just one page over a few panels.

I speak of over things going, Stephanie visits dad in jail and posts all the last information to truly bring him down but oh no, someone overwrote her system and has put a $100,000,000 bounty for The Spoiler. Oh Steph, is there any time where you’re not gonna be chased down by several people? That sets something up interesting, but now we’re truly where we were at in Batman #28, I wonder how Steph doe come across the grasps of Catwoman.

Eternal is gearing towards its next act, well as said in DC December solicitations, but things are now truly, truly awful in Gotham. Let’s see how it goes. Hopefully better than Gotham after two episode. OH TOPICAL!

RATING: 3.5/5


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