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Tube Talk: Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Chocolate Milk

©2014 Fox Braodcasting Co. CR: John Fleenor/FOX

Today on Brooklyn Nine-Nine we learn the true meaning of friendship. No seriously, stop laughing. New review below!


Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Season 2: Episode 2: Chocolate Milk: GRADE: A

Chocolate Milk I think is a much stronger return to form this week for the sophomore season, mainly because we’re not dealing with feelings being lingered on between Jake and Santiago, but more the character based humor and plots that really drove the first season for me.

We’ll begin with our main plot in which Terry tells Jake they are just work friends. I mean all of us honestly do have those connections of people and the amount of time we spend with them, we might honestly not be friends with them. We all have our best friends, close and personal friends, you know friend friends but then there is work friends of people you just know at the job and might not see again after you or they go to another job and that’s the realization Jake comes to when trying to further bond with Terry and stopping his vasectomy, which he admits he doesn’t want when drugged off his ass on anesthesia.

We’ve already known how far Jake’s other friendships go with the crew, he and Gina are lifelong friends as explored last season, he and Diaz bonded at the academy, Santiago is based on their partnership, as well as love feelings, and he and Boyle, well Boyle just goes all in on everything. We saw nice moments last year on cases between Jake and Terry but nothing much deeper than all the other ones listed, though Jake did go out of his way to protect Terry when he went back into the field for the sake of his children.

Jake likes to see him as every type of friend, well except for Ross cause that’s Terry’s turf, when he offers to drive him to his appointment. Jake feels the need for complete control and much like last week, Jake learns he can’t control everything. He can’t accept not being Terry’s friend friend and just his work friend. The chemistry going on between Samberg and Crews is flying of the screen when dealing with this revelation or Jake trying to care for drugged out Terry, who thinks Captain Holt should smoke a little weed. Something I think we can all agree on.

We do of course end in a declaration that they are friend friends but I’m not too bothered by it honestly since I could tell that’s where the conclusion of this storyline was going to go. They don’t need to be the best off friends, but I think this can open up for more great opportunities for these characters to work together.

I also like this plot because it leads for great puns about the male genitalia such as spermanment record and my soon to be new favorite film, Scrotal Recall. Also once again, just an amazing comedy showcase for Terry Crews who can honestly do no wrong on this show.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Episode 2.02 - Chocolate Milk - Promotional Photos

But that’s not that’s going on this week because the show is going all over the place in the best way that shows off the strengths of this comedy. Captain Holt butting heads with Deputy Chief Wuntch played by Kyra Sedgwick as basically Captain Holt but white. Also a woman. Equally just as funny. Their back and forth is show good and also weird to think Captain Holt could actually hate someone as he long thought Wuntch held him back from a promotion cause he’s gay and she had the hots for him. Also she shot him and was embarrassed in front of Derek Jeter. Once again, pure comedy gold coming off the actors here who deliver the lines so well and have the best timing possible.

This also let Santiago have a highlight with her usual humor but also make us root for her, a major suck-up when standing up to Holt. Once again a huge part as to why this this show works is the chemistry of everyone involved and even that of the guest stars who come on here are perfectly casted.

©2014 Fox Braodcasting Co. CR: John Fleenor/FOX

Then we have Boyle taking Diaz to an engagement party for this ex-fiancé which thankfully doesn’t fall back on his lust for her from last season though. The episode instead confronts that Boyle’s problems have been stemming from his failed almost marriage but does actually come back to the whole friend discussion from Jake and Terry. We get a great exampled of the work friend aspect when the situation first comes up and share frustration over Gina filing preps by hotness and then an honest friend friend moment when they go to the party, complete with Boyle in full cornrows and a Jamaican suit. Perfect.

The Gina and Boyle is briefly handled this week but I’m cool with that actually so we can further develop them secretly knocking boots as bone bros. Which made me laugh way harder than it should have.

This week’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine does fire on all cylinders and reminds me why I do love this show so much for many, many reasons. The main part of it being the cast and how well they deliver the funny writing. This is a prime example of what makes Brooklyn Nine-Nine the show it is.


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