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Batman Eternal #27

Catwoman’s past is now coming back to haunt her in the latest issue of the weekly series.


Batman Eternal #27
Written by Tim Seeley; Drawn by Javier Garrón

So we meet up again with that Jade kid from a few issues back when she ran away into the sewer and is now considered a friend by Killer Croc. Well we find out she’s Jade McKillen, related to the sisters that had a huge vendetta against Two-Face, when she’s returned to her closest relative who happens to be the same gangster who ran the dog fight Selina interrupted.

That’s the beginning of our connections here when Jade says she knows Catwoman as the gangster, I don’t remember his name and that’s a bit of a flaw with Seeley’s writing this issue, as he overlooks footage of a failed drop off that was ruined by Batman and Catwoman. This issue works a lot more towards pushing Catwoman to the role as the kingpin of crime in Gotham we saw in Batman #28 and when the new creative team takes over her book later in the month.

Batman and Catwoman ruined the deal in hopes of finding Hush but its to no avail given the gang they break up has no connection and Catwoman gave out details to another gang in order to get the loot from it al. Yeah we’re starting to see the kingpin signs and it was a really nice touch to the proceedings of the book and something I will praise Tim Seeley for as his Batman and Catwoman dialogue scenes are great and feel like a classic encounter between the two. This is planting further seeds for the new direction her book will take.

Well Catwoman meets Jade again when she finds her crying in her own apartment only to have lead Bone there. A crimelord Catwoman first encountered back in the beginning of her book in New 52 and beat badly with a baseball batt. That’s nice set. Its some rally good stuff and ends the issue on a nice cliffhanger.

Javier Garrón’s art is very good here and its nicely paces all the events of the story onto page well and keeps things moving in a nice flow and makes characters pop out. He also has good action moments such as when Spoiler leads Batman to a note about a hashtag that people use to track him and thanks him from saving her from who was trying to kill her, Flamingo. Yes another Grant Morrison creation makes its way to the book and confuses the New 52 timeline just as much. Though it was kinda cool to see him in an action scene with Batman.

Elsewhere Batgirl gets her hands on Bard and will get a confession out of him revealing she has the evidence. Bard thinks its silly but Barb shows she means business. Yeah things are kicking in.

Also Croc wants Jade back and fucks shit up.

The issue just keeps the series progressing along towards where it needs to go next and I think its a pretty good installment. Nice writing, nice art leads to something good.



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