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Tube Talk: Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The Jimmy Jab Games


It’s time for great athletic skills to be put to the test in the Jimmy Jab Games!


Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Season 2: Episode 3: The Jimmy Jab Games: GRADE: A-

The Office had one its most memorable episodes with Office Olympics and it would make sense given how the office environment can be and that one especially that when the cat’s away the mice will play an elaborately constructive series of games to pass time on a certain boring day. Given the time that Brooklyn Nine-Nine has developed itself with the characters and premise, The Jimmy Jab games really don’t feel that out of place within the world of the show.

A three hour delay on motorcade duty leaves the crew with free time until they’re called to duty. Also helps that Captain Holt and Terry are out trying to secure funding for updated, secure funding to battle a new drug. So of course its now time for the annual games that began because of delayed motorcade duty for former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Jakes inability to correctly pronounce his name.

We have event from the month old Chinese eating competition which knocks out Detective Scully (Joel McKinnon Miller) out first because of obvious reasons to undercover event with terrible personas. What’s the prize? A terrible rolling chair that’s the best in the precinct. Well adding more to the proceedings is a side competition between Rosa and Jake for the number of Rosa’s friend Katie. This factors back into my biggest worry for season 2 in the Jake and Santiago situation. Jake is doing this in order to help get over her and during the competition and a great exchange between the characters leads him to realize he still isn’t over her. He threw the game for her and his talk with Rosa near the end of the episode is a nice character moment between to two. They are buddies but Rosa doesn’t mix personal life with business which is why the bet happened. Also $200 were at stake. Their talk helped make the slight hinderance of the Jake and Santiago situation better since its a mature moment for Jake honestly and a fine talent showcase for Andy Samberg.

The writers have their seeds planted in that storyline but how they pull it off with the ending result will be tricky to me since it heavily affects the workings of all characters around. This hasn’t become a show starring Andy Samberg, its an ensemble piece where everyone is honestly the star.


Whereas the funniest thing all episode is once again Captain Holt vs. Deputy Chief Wunch. She is who he and Terry have to see about fighting a new brand of ecstasy known as Giggle Pig. “Hello, Deputy Chief Wuntch. You’ve aged,” is how Captain Holt starts this whole thing off. He’s just stating a fact but Andre Braugher’s hilarious deadpan delivery from the character makes it funnier than it should be. He’s chemistry with the returning Kyra Sedgwick is as spot on this week as it was last with Terry Crews playing a great straight man between them as they try to sabotage each other along the way. Good news, they got the funding, bad news, its along with a task force that could bone the precinct. Holt slam dunked Wunch, who just now sees the possibility of rhyming her name with lunch, but Wunch returned the dunk. Holt makes a three point dunk. As Terry perfectly points out, they know nothing of basketball.

The other subplot is Boyle trying to get back a tape that doesn’t show her and Gina having sex but will provide enough evidence that it does from the department video camera and needs it back from Detective Hitchcock (Dirk Blocker) who will do so in return of Boyle making him coo in the precinct. Its a mini Can’t Buy Me Love/Love Don’t Cost a Thing subplot that work’s fine. There are plenty of laughs to be had from Boyle trying so hard to complete an impossible task, but the subplot is too short to really land any impact whatsoever, despite the comedy that’s mined from it.


The Jimmy Jab Games is a consistently funny episode of one of TV’s best shows out there and furthers character development nicely, even when calling to the one flaw that could hinder the show’s enjoyment. Its a great ride honestly.


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