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Batman Eternal #28

Looks like we’ve made it! More in the review below!


Batman Eternal #28
Written by Tim Seeley; Drawn by Meghan Hetrick

Man this has to be one of the absolute best issues of the series in a while, despite the fact that Red Hood is featured in it. This issue is all about getting towards Catwoman becoming the kingpin since Catwoman #35 is next week and it stands to reason it would happen her but man what an issue. The majority of it is Bone trying to put on a show of killing Catwoman. She obviously doesn’t die but Jade does when Bone ordersĀ Ibanescu, the gangster from last week whose name I remembered because plot, goes to shoot her but the bullet hits Jade because of him being a bad shot under pressure. Doesn’t help that Croc invaded the proceedings to save Jade. That took me off guard honestly to show that Jade is the one who loses their life in this issue. It really shows that all bets are of and no one is truly safe.

Batman does show up to stop things, also Flamingo, but is too late, only to have Croc tell him the demons at Arkham can have him. Seeley wrote what seemed at first a down played issue fine enough but then the stakes get upped and it took off. I think this is one the high marks of the series so far not just in that part but the great art of Meghan Hetrick which is very nicely detailed in faces and expressions. She paces the story very well and she stands out. She has a nice little animation flare to her art. She has a great handle on anatomy, especially during the parts with Batgirl and Bard.

Speaking of which she’s still dangling Bard off a building when Red Hood shows up to try and say goodbye to Barb but convinces her to stop, only to drop Bard himself and Barb to catch him to prove she’s better than all the Robins combined. He tries to convince her to leave Gotham, she tries convince him to stay. He doesn’t since he’s no Dick Grayson.

I didn’t hate Red Hood here. He actually got to have some human emotion and act like a regular human being for once. I liked too. We even get small cameos from his Red Hood and the Shitbags co-stars, but whatever, the writing here is really good for both of them the the emotion of the scene rings thru. Its just interesting to see such a good dynamic between the characters that usually are at each other’s throats.

This issue just did so much in so many pages it was exciting and thrilling. I highly enjoyed it and find it a great step forward for the book. Batman Eternal, you’re one the year’s best.



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