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Batman Eternal #29

Hey remember Arkham Asylum? Yeah we’re going back there!


Batman Eternal #29
Written by Tim Seeley; Drawn by Simon Coleby

There’s some event comics that always has its publishing schedule fucked up and Batman Eternal is no question since the new book that debuts this week, Arkham Manor by Gerry Dugan and Shawn Crystal hits the shelfs where Wayne Manor becomes the new Arkham Asylum. So how does that happen? We sort of know, we know it gets blown to shit but we gotta wait next week for #30 to see that but we see #29 all lead up to the big bang that comes as we FINALLY get right back to where we were at Arkham itself.

You know the new Catwoman has debuted this week too and I haven’t read it yet at time I’m writing this review, but I feel way more set up for that book than I do Manor. I’d wait for #30 but my curiosity is simply too strong this week so I’m going to check it out.

Alright I talked about more set up already. Why? Well the whole issue it just a whole lot of set up this week. Joker’s Daughter did things on the orders of Hush who accesses one of Bruce’s hideouts and plants a bomb, Batwing is back, something’s happening The Spectre, Alfred is going through all over Arkham and somehow Bane is going to be a part of this, yay for solicitations, and Riddler sends a code that helps to I guess set up Arkham’s explosion. Oh and there’s stuff going on with Deacon Blackfire.

This as much this issue was set up, its also majorly disconnected from the main story going on. All the Arkham aspects of Eternal have and I haven’t minded that before since I know the ways some the Batbooks recently have dived into that but this was too much. Pacing is too fast with everything just whizzing on by and I can’t tell what the hell is going on so far. Another reason for the disconnected feeling is how long we’ve gone WITHOUT seeing Arkham. It slowly start seeping back in but now its banging down on our door.

I’m so glad for Simon Coleby’s art this issue because I have something good to say. Its very nicely drawn and does well to keep up with the frantic pacing of Tim Seeley’s writing this week. We’re about to enter the dirty thirties here on Batman Eternal and man I hope this book knows how to get to where its going. It knows its endgame but man this was one bumpy detour to it.




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