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Tube Talk: Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Halloween II


Its Halloween time once again for the 99 and that’s not so much a good thing as it was last time.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Season 2: Episode 4: Halloween II: GRADE: C

NOTE: Sorry for the lateness of the review, real life problems came up, hopefully never happens again.

Halloween last season was one the very early highlights that helped Brooklyn Nine-Nine what type of show it wanted to be but it get better from there. Halloween encapsulated the show at its best with great character based humor and gags as well as a touch of genuine emotion and love from everyone. That’s what makes a great episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Now an episode every once in a while will be heavier on the jokes, like last week and work, but its all gonna depend on the jokes since humor is very subjective and this week was a disappointing sequel.

Halloween II follows up on the premise of Jake making an outrageous bet with Captain Holt to steal an item off him. This years its his watch. The stakes? Jake overs up “five-druple” weeks of unpaid overtime and well he actually does have an ideal plan set in place to get the watch off him by midnight. Hire a known pickpocket named Fingers in a very elaborate and brilliantly hilarious sequence of events to get the watch off him and replace it with a fake. That’s sadly I think where the show kinda peaked a little early.

Now writing dictates it won’t ever be easy doing something like this and that’s show when Jake discovers Fingers wants a little more out the deal. Again it seems like typical Jake he’s trust this one specific criminal for a job and that itself is funny because the show is so well established that I can buy such a thing happening. Holt had it the whole time and he manipulated the whole event moments after the end of last year’s episode, drawing Jake’s attention to this watch, Fingers, and implanting several other ideas in his mind. This is both another highlight and downside a it perfectly once again gives us a hilarious look at Andre Braugher, who isn’t bouncing off Kyra Sedgwick perfectly this week mind you. The brilliance is in the the delivery but it falters because it gets too complicated and absurd for its own good a little. I do love moments where the show goes full crazy but not so much this time. The pacing of the episode wasn’t too hot. It moved a bit too fast. It also doesn’t add up with a subplot of Holt telling Terry, Diaz, and Santiago they’re assigned to pack and distribute safety pumpkins for the children coming by for candy. How the hell are they able to take part in Holt’s overly complicated plan? I could accept changing shifts but some their scenes are back at the station after their part in the plan is done and an emphasis as put on how Gina isn’t helping them. Editing was also a serious problem for this episode too.


Speaking of Gina, we do get some nice development from her in figuring out her life is like a Step Up movie, well according to her at least. She’s not helping out as usual and going for out for her own selfish needs but reveals to Terry she’s trying to be a little bit of a better person than she is right now. I like this simply because it took its time, what little it had, to have some good character beats. It was grounded as well as having absurd, yet humorous moments like Gina’s floor dancing group, Floorgasm, a one off verbal gag from last Halloween is suddenly brought back in when we see they kick Gina out through only the words of their body. It was the other biggest laugh of the night. Terry’s sudden mentoring role for her is something I hope gets a lot more development as the season goes on.


Halloween II puts its emphasis on the more fun side of things this week holding off on the character drama and beats for the most part is one of the few weak installments for the comedy. I don’t mind taking a detour every now and then if the scenic route is a continuously pretty sight. This week’s wasn’t, but there are some nice trees to look at once in a while. Hopefully the next time Brooklyn Nine-Nine decides for a sequel show it knows how to make things work while advancing things. Also I’d like see Jake Action News webisodes or DVD extras with Boyle. There is some comedy gold in that I tell ya!


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