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Batman Eternal #30

Arkham Asylum is dead. Long live Arkham Manor. Batman Eternal enters the dirty thirties this week. More in the review!


Batman Eternal #30
Written by Ray Fawkes; Drawn by Fernando Pasarin

You know when someone spoils something accidentally of course I’m a little upside but then I think about how it gets there. The ending is of course important but the buildup is what’s crucial so I don’t get too upset, depends on what’s spoiled. The events of this would hold more weight had I not known about this thanks to the release of Arkham Manor #1 last week, by the way the first issue is on the meh side of things. One moment was awesome, The Spectre crushing the shit out of Deacon Blackfire. Everything else, not so much. Bruce hasn’t lost the family fortune, yet, Alfred and Bane are about to be BFFs (solicitations), and Batwing might be fucked.

The issue has Batman trying to deal with the Arkham aftermath but gets a bombvested Joker’s Daughter to end the issue.

This felt as disjointed and all over the place as last week, but this week had a clearer sense of its main story instead of going in every direction at 5,000 miles per hour. Ray Fawkes is wrapping up but also setting up for the new Gotham By Midnight series debuting next week. That’s all and good but man I wanted some more focus. I will say the art is once again the saving grace here in that Fernando Pasarin does a great job conveying the actions on page and handles the action pretty well and draws people nicely.

I don’t know what else to say but it seems we’re getting a little closer out of Arkham which is good since it doesn’t feel that well connected to all the events going on.

RATING: 1.5/5


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