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Tube Talk: Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The Mole


Brooklyn Nine-Nine comes back from a World Series induced break to get back to form as well.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Season 2: Episode 5: The Mole: GRADE: A

Maybe its the fall air in my region of Arkansas get cooler, the sweet hot tea I’m sipping right now as I write, or how improved this episode feels over Halloween II but Brooklyn Nine-Nine was on point this week. It was just on, firing on all cylinders with its jokes and character progression.

Our main story is there seems to be a mole in the precinct because of some information being leaked out so internal affairs is involved with recent Bruce Wayne inspiration Balloonman himself Dan Bakkedahl as the investigating officer, Lieutenant Miller. I’m going to highlight him real quick cause he is a wonderful comedy talent if you ever seen HBO’s great Veep or were one of the few to have seen Legit on FX and FXX. The story goes from there and even hits back on how Jake strives on being everyone’s friend. He knows this mole can’t be real since he knows everyone in the precinct. Its unfathomable to him that someone there would leak out information. He trusts everyone there implicitly, which comes back to bite him in the ass later. He and Holt try as hard as they can to find it out with guest pajamas, toothbrush, and all, to come to a hilarious, yet believable reveal early on that it was accidentally Jake since he sometimes takes case files home with him.

I honestly bought that hook because it does seem very typical of Jake to do something like this. How he goes about resolving it and finding the real mole is also a nice revel itself since its Miller that’s the mole who is working for Wuntch, a most welcome return, to discredit Holt and they have them at a standstill where never can reveal what they did. That was a bit iffy since it seemed to have gone further than the usual jabs they have at each other, but its quickly defused with Holt calling her Wuntchmeat. Once again, Andre Braugher is a gift to comedy because when Scully and Hitchcock as Holt how he’s doing at the bar about the whole situation, he goes on this fantastic monologue where its as straightforward and serious as the character can be and its nailed, perfectly! Its too goddamn funny. That alone was the highlight of the episode.


Our main plot ties into our B and C plots. B plot being Jake and Amy walking in on Charles and Gina. The writers have handled this plot thread very well and while its not too sure if this is the end of that or just the beginning, they do some very good work of it in this episode with Gina’s declaration in the precinct and all the great lies Boyle made to Jake to cover it all up. What also makes it great is how they progressed and further did the same for Jake and Amy with them finding the,, but not furthering their own “drama” as it where. It balances them so well and even lets Gina and Amy have some nice moments of interactions which are rare as highlighted that Gina last texted Amy in August 2009 thinking it was Rosa. More Gina and Amy!

We also have a nice C plot with Rosa showing charge in heading up the Giggle Pig task force, there is no way to make that sound serious, ever. This is more fun for the jokes and the character progression. Terry and Rosa go to a silent disco where its as awkward and just what you expect from the description. This ties into Terry’s worries over the pre-school he’s sending his twins, future presidents, and of course the task force. There’s not much here aside an appearance form Spencer of Harmontown, listen to that show and see the movie, but it was a nice little break up among all that happened.


Brooklyn this week got back to just being funny. From Jake discovering Holt’s middle name, to the secret fan fiction pairings of everyone in the office he has, and Gina’s new dance group, Dance-y Reagan, “the first ladies of movement.” This just proves again how this is one of the best offerings out there for TV!


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