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Batman Eternal #31

Batman Eternal focuses itself once again while balancing so many stories.


Batman Eternal #31
Written by Ray Fawkes; Drawn by Fernando Pasarin

Well you know this issue feels like an improvement. Its still balancing storylines, but it doesn’t feel as fast and disjointed as the past two issues have. Ray Fawkes suddenlt got a good grasp on what and what not to feature here since the crux of it all is still going on at Arkham, or rather the crater that used to be Arkham. Batman quickly takes care of Joker’s Daughter whose bomb vest was a fake. Man, Hush is like a dickish troll right now. Batman handles her as well as a good number of his Rogues trying to take advantage of not being confined in Arkham in some nicely drawn out sequences by the welcomed back Fernando Pasarin who has a nice detail to the faces of his characters, but draws some really damn good action. Nice to get our first look at some of the supporting cast of Arkham Manor.

Speaking of which, there still isn’t any broke Bruce Wayne. But we get Spoiler! For a brief moment where she has a badass moment on her motorcycle before Hush clotheslines her off of it.

The main thing of the issue for me is the team up of Alfred and Bane. Its not a big are prevalent as the cover may lead you to believe, but its a really good part of the issue. They try to help each other out of the rubble. This all is lead up to Alfred finding a secret base within Arkham that Batman had set up throughout Gotham to get him back in contact with the Batfamily. This was noting more sorta to get from point A to point B but I liked how it was done. Oh and Bane was subdued with knockout gas.

A nice blend of semi-focused storytelling and wonderful art managed to make this a more stable issue of the weekly series after a couple of week of chaos. Hopefully we can stay on this path for a little while longer.

RATING: 3.5/5


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