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Batman Eternal #32

Well seems Tommy Elliot is gaining the upper hand this week in Batman Eternal #32.


Batman Eternal #32
Written by Kyle Higgins; Drawn by Jason Fabok

Well its a hell of a week for Tommy Elliot, first appearing on the latest episode of Gotham where the young, soon to be obsessive psychopath got a beat down by Bruce, but his adult self gets revenge by exploding a National Guard route and under one of Batman’s bunkers which thusly frames him. TV and comic appearance. Good on you, Tommy boy!

The bunkers are really just he main crux of the issue as Hush gives this info to Bard who shares it with Vicki. Batman explains them all to Julia. The Bunkers are what bring everything in this issue together. Higgins is back on writing with Jason Fabok back on the art which makes me very happy.

Batman is starting to lose his edge and that’s shown through the art how Hush is getting in his head and its nice to see Fabok show this in some rather small details on the face of Batman. He’s still one the best artists out there today.

The only other noticeable thing that happens here is a brief handicap fight where Batman and Spoiler take on Hush. It was cool to see. I liked there was a main focus to the story this week but it just didn’t provide much beyond moving things a long. Things are starting to feel a bit stagnate, even with a big ending such as this. It feels like a slow burn which I love, but there needs to be a little more.



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