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Tube Talk: Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Jake and Sophia


Brooklyn Nine-Nine goes back to relying on what it does best, characters.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Season 2: Episode 6: Jake and Sophia: GRADE: B

It must be said again that the biggest strength of the Fox comedy is the characters. Which doesn’t surprise me since minds behind the U.S. version of The Office and Parks and Recreation where they were great ensembles. The writing is great and it gives our characters what they need to say and a reason to watch but its the perfect casting of all the right actors and guest stars that have made all the shows thrive.

What’s great about this is that the characters are so well defined and the ensemble of actors are so good we can split them off into any pairing for an episode it more often than not, it’s going to work and that’s what we got with the latest episode.

The main crux is Jake, he is in the episode title, and the titular Sophia, played by guest star Eva Longoria. Jake decides to try and get in the dating game after his date with Rosa’s friend, who is somehow even more closed off than her, doesn’t go well. In a nice small moment of sincerity, Terry gives Jake advice that helped him lead to his marriage and I felt a great connection between them yet again.

They hit it off and then discover she’s a defense attorney on a case Jake is testifying in. This goes as well as you’d expect. Its really good chemistry since surprise, the show knows how to cast well and Samberg and Longoria work together. They bounce jokes well and can downplay it in scenes like the end where they try to figure out what they’re going to do. Its really good and Longoria comes in smoothly. This all feels good until you realize this might most likely lead to an episode where Jake, Sophia, Amy, and Teddy all are together and yeah I don’t even need to finish this. Longoria isn’t going to be around long since she’s only a guest star, but I’m going to enjoy what I can of her. She’s just too funny.


So elsewhere we have Rosa and Amy fighting over trying to get Amy to run against Scully for union rep but Amy doesn’t because of her ambitions to be be Captain and naturally they bring in Holt who can’t do anything about it. Its nicely done since I’d love more Rosa and amy interactions and this lead to more Amy trying to suck up to Holt as much as possible. What’s funnier is how even Scully knows how terrible he is at the job, but no one really wants it. Rosa is of course in her own antagonistic and sarcastic way helping out Amy by realizing what a step up this will be to her. Amy can always just step down from the position in order to be captain at any time. Rosa has shown more and more and of human side as the show has gone on and its nice to see. Amy does win and its a nice little moment. Though the best moment with Amy comes when she’s late for the first time and the display of excitement Holt shows when it turns out he’s right about why she’s late. I laughed way harder at that than I should have but it felt earned.

Of course we end once again with Boyle and Gina bickering over a hotel room giveaway they planned before everything became public and they ended. This of course has good jokes which the funniest are the lengths Gina goes to in order to secure the room. The performances are there but its all just set up for Boyle’s dad and Gina’s mom played by Stephen Root and Sandra Bernhard respectively. I’m kinda looking forward to that now honestly.


Character pieces are great highlights, even when one section felt a but closed off due to just building towards a potentially hilarious payoff. Its a strong installment for the season so far and from a comedy show, I don’t ask every week by the funniest thing ever conceived, just to be funny and that’s what this week was. Funny.


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