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Tube Talk: Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Lockdown


The 99th precinct celebrates Thanksgiving together, even though they don’t want to.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Season 2: Episode 7: Lockdown: GRADE: B-

If there is one show I think could pull off a great bottle episode, its Brooklyn Nine-Nine. We have our characters, the setting is prime for a full episode setting, and a lockdown over a mysterious substance has a believable situation for things to take place. Sadly we only get half of what would have been a great episode.

We’re off in two separate places this week. Jake is in charge of most of the crew while Captain Holt and Terry are off at a conference, but get side tracked to Terry’s place. Let’s get to that first since it is the weakest point of the episode where Holt tries to get Terry over how imitated he is of his returning brother-in-law Zeke. The story does provide one great laugh of Holt enjoying Terry’s exercise ball in his office, or Tiny Terry’s Hobbit Hole as Zeke titles it. Zeke thinks Holt is a hardass like his own boss and that doesn’t that’s how they bond. That’s all there was to it here besides a bouncing Holt. But now to what the episode maybe just should have been.


Jake is left in charge of the station but before they leave, Boyle knocks over a package with mysterious white powder. LOCKDOWN! Again the situation for the bottle episode is perfect right and it works and its especially funny with Jake in charge and trying to make everyone happy by giving them what everybody once from heat to food. Its also doubly hilarious with Hitchcock left out on the balcony and how Scully never leaves his side by the window. Its really sweet actually. Andy Samberg really plays Jake well and to his strengths this week by again. This is something Jake would too and even help out the group of lawyers out even though he’s still morally opposed to them, nice to see just because of Sophia it doesn’t changes his views. I also love that the lawyers are led by Jeff Lewis of The Guild, who is on equal foot with Samberg.

Jake does of course realize he needs to man up and cat more like holt would in the situation thanks to talks with Amy, thankfully not hindering on his feeling towards her, but honest friendship and respect. Its great to see him put out so many fires, and even a literal one. There are nice character traits like Gina causing fear and panic, Hitchcock being Hitchcock, and Boyle correcting Jake to say “turkey day” instead of Thanksgiving. I think its either because Boyle is such a foodie or he’s part Native American. I can’t tell, but wither way I laughed each time it would happen.


There’s nothing too outrageous here, aside from the fire, or that too many memorable lines but again we’re relied upon character work and the amazing ensemble for a prerequisite Thanksgiving episode. There’s nothing work with that. Plenty of laughs are to be had here as season two keeps going on being strong and proving Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s place among today’s TV comedies. Happy Turkey Day!


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