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Batman Eternal #33

Big fallout from last week’s ending dives Gotham into further madness.


Batman Eternal #33
Written by Kyle Higgins; Drawn by Jason Fabok

This week’s issue primarily deals with the fall out of the explosion of last week and it works well. Higgins does great character work showing how Batman is dealing with it as well as further bringing in Julia into the Batfamily. She’s really come around into a fully developed character and her interactions are welcomed. Its tricky to bring in a new character into a mythos and long standing character such as Batman, but she, and Harper Row, have worked out for the best. They are more than welcomed additions.

Batman is frantically trying to calm down the mess Hush has made. Speaking of, who isn’t too happy with Bard’s complaining and threatens him with a broken bottle. I gotta say I love that Hush is the main villain of this since you can’t get more personal an enemy with Batman than him, or Jason Todd when he’s correctly used as a villain. Hush is still insane and desperate, but yet keeps himself cool and calm, controlling all the chess pieces and never showing his next hand to Bruce.

There is a tiny subplot with Lucius trying to cool fires at Wayne Enterprises and talk to Bruce about the caches which makes for a great scene between them.

Kyle Higgins is a great Batman writer and Jason Fabok’s pencils on this are fantastic. His art is truly outstanding.

Not a whole lot else happened but I’m kinda glad for that since the explosion fallout needed to take a central focus. Its a pretty big damn development. I will say I’m not missing the Arkham bits at all here. Eternal feels like its back to what it should be telling.

RATING: 4.5/5


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