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Tube Talk: Brooklyn Nine-Nine: USPIS


Ed Helms comes on for one of the best episodes of the show yet.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Season 2: Episode 8: USPIS: GRADE: A

Just straightforward Brooklyn Nine-Nine is what we got this week and that’s what makes this a very funny episode. Our main story ties back into Rosa leading the Giggle Pig task force and a lead they have brings them into contact with United States Postal Inspection Service agent, Jack Danger (pronounced Donger) played by the always welcomed and talented Ed Helms who does not disappoint. His self-righteousness and incompetent personality played for the role is spot-on hilarious and actually fits within the world that Brooklyn Nine-Nine has now established. He sees this position as being the older brother to Jake. He works so well with the cast it perfectly highlights how well the show does with its guest stars. He does play a big part in the mystery and isn’t himself a suspect although they had a couple setups where he could have been, its just more of his character being him and that worked. The chemistry is there and I hope this isn’t our only appearance of his character.

Of course this character frustrates Jake on many levels where he nearly compromises the task force since he thinks being Rosa’s friend gives him some sort of free reign and when he does fuck up, he apologies to Rosa, which felt like an eternity to her, and it shows their true bond as well as who they as as their own person. Boyle of course gets some very good lines in about licking vintage stamps for just the taste, wanting to ride on the back of Jake’s future robotic partner, more worship of Jake, and finally breaking in a door successfully and giving the prep a high 10.


Our B-story is Amy trying to give up smoking cold turkey and man was I happy with this since it shows off Melissa Fumero’s comedic ability front and center and deal with Holt, Terry, and Gina since they too had past addictions of gambling, eating, and shopping respectively, though I think Gina isn’t fully over her addiction which wouldn’t surprise me. They each try to show her their methods with hilarious results from Terry’s ice sink, Holt’s running, and Gina’s meditation. They each feel true to the character they belong to. The flashbacks to Terry in a fatsuit to show his past addiction and Holt being every his emotional self at the race track are great highlights to me. This rang true of what Brooklyn Nine-Nine is.


Hell even Hitchcock and Scully got one over the crew in the cold open which ends with Scully accidentally taking a sip from his thumbtack cup. That’s what made this episode work so well is that we’re once again this week back to how each actor and character work on their own and together with others. This episode felt true to itself since all character motivations and actions felt within character and they provided a load of laughs as well as story progression. I seriously do love Brooklyn Nine-Nine.


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