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Batman Eternal #34

Things aren’t what they appear to be here in Batman Eternal #34!


Batman Eternal #34
Written by Kyle Higgins; Drawn by Alvaro Martinez

We got a tease last issue that Hush and Julia were going to have a big showdown. Of they fight within one of the caches Batman has set up over Gotham, but its not the big fight you think. Hush blows the cache but Julia survives because she’s seen in the current Batman Endgame storyline which takes place after Eternal. That’s my very minor gripe with this excellent issue of the weekly series since things are shifted. Batman and Hush finally have their big showdown and I have to give who props to Higgins for the high emotion and weight the dialogue has during it and to the new artist Alvaro Martinez for getting across with is very nice detailed style of penciling and facial work. The perspectives and angles are very good on it. His work on the issue is dynamite and I hope to see more of his work on here.

The fight is great and gets pretty brutal. Blood is drawn and secrets revealed as Hush is in possession of the same invitation on Hush that Carmine Falcone had. Hush might not be the big man so to speak. Which only opens the question as to, if not Hush who? Could the Court of Owls be bag at it again as a personal revenge against Bruce from the beginnings of Scott Snyder’s run in the New 52? This raises so many entertaining questions and theories.

Oh and Bruce is now broke. We finally get to that little plot point. During the issue, Mayor Hady and Commissioner Bard are talking to Lucius Fox about the explosions (Hush destroying Batman’s caches) and how its gotten out of hand. Its pretty damn good on its own and leads to the Federal Government taking over Wayne Enterprises and effectively shut it down.

Whoever the true mastermind is has gotten what he wanted. Bruce is beyond broken right now and its only going to get worst from here. The series feels its on track to something now with the mystery going much and much further. Also I do realize I was wrong about Hush, shut up! Batman Eternal seemed like it was going to remain in stasis for a while but its come out of it and gotten a new live right and that’s exciting! I can’t wait to read next week!



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